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Shooting Industry July 2010 - Page 11

Industry news Taurus Sponsors West Point Pistol Team aurus International is continuing its sponsorship of the United States Military Academy cadet pistol team in 2010. The team has won three out of the past five national intercollegiate championships, and this year swept all competition categories. “As a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, I am honored Taurus is able to provide this support,” said Bob Morrison, president of Taurus International. “The pistol team relies on donations from individuals and corporations, and Taurus is happy to be able to provide a majority of the funding that allows them to prevail in this hotly contested annual shoot-out.” Taurus will host a fundraising event later this year that will allow the firearms industry to participate in the support of the team. For more infor- Bob Morrison (center), Taurus International president, presents a mation, visit www. check for $25,000 to Cadet Paul Baker (left) and BrigGen. William E. Rapp, commandant of cadets. USA PROUD ©2010 0 B E N C H MA D E KN I F E CO. C O. OR E GON C I TY, T Y, OR , US A . B E N C H MA D E . C O M T RSR Group To Distribute Additional Lines R SR Group Inc. is now the exclusive commercial distributor for Knight’s Armament Co. Founded in 1983, Knight’s Armament products include rifles, tactical accessories, rail systems and night-vision optics for military, law enforcement and commercial applications. Knight’s Armament Stoner Rifles (SR-15 and SR-25) are now in stock at RSR Group. Additionally, RSR Group now distributes Rock River Arms and FailZero products. With its extensive selection of AR-15 rifles, barrel assemblies, upper and lower receivers and the new Performance Piston System carbines and pistols, Rock River Arms offers a comprehensive product lineup for the tactical shooter. FailZero greaseless weapon upgrades, eliminating the need to oil gun parts, are made to fit AR-15 rifles. FailZero’s patented EXO technology provides permanent dry lubrication to metal surfaces. The Nickel-Boron coating does not rub off, thin out or hold particles that can hinder performance and damage the gun. The kits come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. For more information, visit Sentry Solutions Wins Contract entry Solutions announces a three-year contract with the Ministry of Defence Malaysia for Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide products for the Malaysian Army. According to company officials, the Ministry of Defence Malaysia chose to adopt the products after seeing them in use by U.S. Special Operations teams in Afghanistan. “Our oil-free technology has long been the first choice in protection for soldiers. No soldier wants to be in a combat situation and have their weapon jam or malfunction because of dirt sticking to an oil-based lube,” said Mark Mrozek, Sentry Solutions president. For more information, visit www. 7 4 1 O N S L A U G H T™ S a thing of beauty C O N TO U R E D G1 0 H A N DL E A X IS® LO CK JULY 2010 11

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