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Shooting Industry January 2012 Digital Edition - Page 94

New A! Products EXTR SAME GREAT GUNS AND AMMO. We are excited to bring a whole new look to Armscor & Rock Island Armory this year. But rest assured you still get the same great quality ammo, pistols & rifles as always. Stop by our booth and check out our new products and the new look. BRAND NEW LOOK! • RIGHT ON TARGET. RIGHT ON THE PRICE. 16860 SHOT SHOW BOOTH Visit Us At SHOT Show Booth # 16327 94 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2012 2012 Hornady Mfg. 1-800-338-3220 ritical DUTY ammunition features the Flex Tip design, resulting in a FlexLock bullet that eliminates clogging and aids in expansion. InterLock band works to keep the bullet and core from separating for maximum weight retention and proven terminal performance through all FBI test barriers. Nickelplated cases resist corrosion and enhance low-light chamber checks. Available in 9mm, 9mm Luger+P and .40 S&W. The 17 Hornet Superformance Varmint ammunition is a .17-caliber centerfire cartridge that propels the 20-grain V-Max at 3,650 fps. Hornady Heavy Magnum Turkey ammunition is loaded with 1 1/2 ozs. of #4, #5 or #6 nickel-plated lead shot. These 3-inch, 12-gauge shotshell loads feature thick nickel-plating with minimized shot deformation at 1,300 fps. Featuring the Hornady Versatite wad, these loads don’t require shotgun modification or specialized turkey chokes. Zombie Max ammunition is loaded with Z-Max bullets and is available in: .380 Auto, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, .223 Rem., 7.62x39, .30-.30 Win., .308 Win. and 12-gauge. Vintage Match ammunition is built to replicate the original military performance specifications unique to wartime rifles. Developed for match shooters, it provides an alternative to surplus and hand-loaded ammunition. Available in 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser, .303 British, 7.62x54R and 8x57. New bullets for 2012 include .22cal. 50-gr. GMX, 6.5mm 100-gr. AMAX, .300 Savage 150-gr. SST, .30cal. 195-gr. BTHP, .348-cal. 200-gr. FTX and 9.3mm 300-gr. DGS. New in reloading is the Lock-NLoad Ammo Plant Reloading Kit, Lock-N-Load Classic Kit Deluxe, Lock-N-Load Precision Reloader Kit, Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle, Lock-NLoad Sonic Cleaner 2L and Lock-NLoad Case Prep Trio. C

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