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Shooting Industry January 2012 Digital Edition - Page 93

Winchester Ammunition (618) 258-2000 winchester-ammunition R azorback XT is the first Winchester cartridge designed specifically for hunting wild boars. Hollowpoint is engineered for delayed expansion. Lead-free bullet is made of solid gilding medal. Reduced flash powders permit use in lowlight and night-vision situations. Available in 20-round boxes of .223 Rem. 64-grain and .308 Win. 150-grain. Winchester expands its PDX1 Defender line with the 12-gauge PDX1 12 Segmenting Slug, and the .22 Win. Mag., which features a .45-grain bullet, and produces velocities of 1,200 fps. For cowboy action, Winchester adds a .45-70 Govt. 405-grain to its SuperX line. In its classic AA line, Winchester adds the AA Featherlite in 20-gauge 2 3/4-inch shell. Hodgdon (913) 362-9455 H odgdon introduces CFE 223 powder, originally developed for U.S. rapid-fire military systems. Powder features Copper Fouling Eraser, which deters copper fouling, resulting in less barrel cleaning time. Reload data is available in 27 different cartridges with 147 loads. CFE 223 yields top velocities in .204 Ruger, 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem., .22-250 and 7.62 NATO/.308 Win. Available in 1- and 8-lb. containers. Hodgdon’s 2012 Ninth Annual Manual features 100 pages of rifle and pistol data with over 5,000 shown loads, information on 30 Hodgdon, 19 IMR and 10 Winchester powders, new .300 AAC Blackout data, lead-free recipes for 21 rifle cartridges and more. NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2012 • 93

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