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Shooting Industry January 2012 Digital Edition - Page 44

Back Blast Back Blast & other hot gases omb-sniffing dogs and high-tech electronic devices designed to detect concealed explosives may soon be replaced by smaller, simpler, less expensive — but more discriminating — organic-based devices: sniffer mice. BioExplorers, a new Israeli company, uses trained mice housed in a small multi-chambered box to sniff people passing by for signs of hidden explosives. Used in an airline screening area, for example, passengers would only have to pause for a few seconds as a slight current of air is blown past them toward the sniffer-box. Each box contains three “cartridges” with eight trained mice in each of them. If they smell any key components of explosives, they immediately avoid the scent by running into an adjacent chamber. When multiple mice do this, the human operator is signaled. In recent tests, 22 out of 1,000 people were “salted” with explosives components and walked past the detector. The mice not only alerted on all 22 “bombs,” but had a false-alarm rate of just 0.1 percent — far better than bomb-sniffing dogs and high-tech devices! The founders of BioExplorers weren’t surprised. Dogs have 756 olfactory sensors in their noses, while mice have 1,120. Critics complain that the mouse cages need frequent cleaning. Proponents point out that mouse poop is easier to deal with than dog piles. Commander Gilmore New Recruits In The War On Terror B Illustration by Nick Petrosino Shortly after hot-tempered Clyde White of Corbin, Ky., had an episode of “road rage” and repeatedly rammed a car with two of his siblings in it, officers spotted him and gave chase. In response to the police party lights, Clyde lit the afterburners, put the pedal to the metal and led ’em on a 100-plus mile per hour crazy pursuit. They finally collared “wild Clyde” though, thankfully, without fatalities. He’s charged with attempted homicide. Clyde is 78 years old. The ramming victims were his older brother and sister, aged 82 and 83. Those crazy kids! If you’re considering murdering somebody, for Pete’s sake, think about what you’re gonna say to whom before you kill them! And if you can’t keep your mouth shut and you have to blurt out a confession, don’t decide to change your story a couple of minutes later, okay? That’s just stupid. Last July, Jonathan Schwartz of New York City called 911 and told the dispatcher he had just stabbed his mother to 44 Oh, The Way These Crazy Kids Drive! death. Then later, just before officers arrived at the scene, he called back to correct his earlier message, saying, “No, she committed suicide.” For some reason, the cops didn’t believe he had “misspoken” with his first statement. Maybe it was the multiple stab wounds that made them suspicious. Besides, everybody knows that only highly placed politicians can “misspeak” like that and get away with it. Lotsa people said Anthony Watson was the most brilliant guy they ever knew. Since those people were crooks — and not just crooks, but crooks stupid enough to get caught and convicted — maybe that’s not sayin’ much. At any rate, when Anthony hit the slammer in 1992 for a smorgasbord of heinous felonies including robbery and rape, he was facing a sentence of 160 years. So, with tons of time on his hands and a wellstocked law library, he became a noted jailhouse lawyer, writing a book called “A Guide to the Plea Circus,” while successfully pushing numerous appeals that whit- The Smartest Idiot In Prison Get Your Story Straight! tled his sentence down to 26 years. He was due to get out in 2018 rather than 2152. Ah, but that wasn’t good enough for Anthony the Genius. He filed another appeal, challenging his entire original trial! The judge ruled in his favor, overturned his conviction — and then ordered him re-tried. Oh, and a little note — by vacating the conviction and sentence, Hizzoner also vacated all those reductions in Anthony’s sentence. In March 2011, Anthony was re-tried, re-convicted and handed four consecutive life sentences. That means as soon as he’s dead, he can start his second life sentence and then, well . You know the rest. Ya know why? Because you’re smarter than Anthony the Genius. For coming back, he should get to leave. That’s our opinion, anyway. Luis Lopez, 37, was driving under the influence of alcohol when he hit two other cars and then committed hit-andrun by fleeing the scene. When he woke up and sobered up, apparently he got the wakeup call to straighten out his life. He Most Favored Prisoner Award Subscribe to SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2012

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