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Shooting Industry January 2012 Digital Edition - Page 19

Industry news idwayUSA was recognized in October by Inside Columbia’s CEO magazine as one of the “Best Places to Work” in Columbia, Mo., for 2011. MidwayUSA finished in the top five from among the 50-plus companies considered for the honor. “It’s always special to be recognized by your peers and your community,” said Larry Potterfield, founder and CEO of MidwayUSA. “Back in 1977, when Brenda and I first opened the business, I’m not sure I dreamed MidwayUSA could be the place it is today. We’ve hired a lot of great people who have genuinely made this an outstanding place to work, especially for employees who love shooting and hunting as much as we do.” For more information, visit M MidwayUSA Recognized As “Best Place To Work” Sellmark Corp. Relocates, Expands S ellmark Corp. is expanding to a new 33,000-square-foot office in Mansfield, Texas. The new facility will unite its sales, marketing and technical support departments with its shipping warehouse. The facility also will be ITAR-compliant, allowing research and development, production and distribu- tion of defense-related articles. “This move will streamline production, provide better customer service and help us continue to grow our business,” said Dianna Sellers, Sellmark Corp. CEO. Sellmark has doubled its employees in the past two years, and plans to grow its personnel by another 20 percent within the next six months, officials say. Sellmark Corp. produces night vision devices, lasers, boresights, reflex sights, scopes, flashlights, binoculars and outdoor accessories. For more information, visit www. no problem. no time to handload? Handloaded precision in a factory loaded round. bullet tecHnology: reduced fouling and pinpoint accuracy. devastating terminal performance on wHitetail, mule deer and elk from 50 to 500 yards. optimized for your target. tm | 800.574 .9200 the bUllet haS the Final SaY tm NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2012 • 19

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