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Shooting Industry January 2012 Digital Edition - Page 104

New A! Products EXTR Howard Leight by Honeywell 1-800-430-5490 2012 Primos 1-800-523-2395 he Primos Turbo Dogg features 36 sounds and four preprogrammed Expert Hunts, which are calling sequences from Team Primos members. It is charged by a 25-watt amp and features a rotating horn speaker. Remote has a range of 150 yards, and sound list is displayed on a high-resolution TFT screen with sounds organized by species. Turbo Dogg holds up to 500 sounds, comes with a USB port and features Realtree Max-1 camo. The Alpha Dogg features 75 sounds and six Expert Hunts. Speaker has a range of 200 yards. Alpha stores up to 1,000 sounds. The Turkey Tracker is a wide-angle, time-lapse scouting camera that provides all-day, constant surveillance from a distance of over 200-plus yards. It supports up to 105,000 photos of constant surveillance, automatically taking photos in five- or 10-second intervals, and operates on AA batteries. At-A-Glance Photo Viewing Software is included to review an entire day’s worth of photos in a 3-minute video. The Hook Hunter Series Turkey Mouth Calls produce real pitches and feature premium gauge reeds and precision handmade cuts. Offered in three models. The Pocket Hen Decoy compresses to fit in a cargo pocket, and features realistic printed fabric that is durable and matches the sheen of real feathers. Primos introduces four motion decoys: Frantic Fawn, Whobblin’ Whabbit, Wooly Bully, all powered by the Primos Decoy Heart, and Sit’n Spin Crazy Critter. Combined with a fur cape, the Decoy Heart brings decoys to life, with adjustable speed, water-resistant frame and realistic motion. T he Impact Pro electronic earmuff features a Noise Reduction Rating of 30, offering protection over 82 dB, with the ability to amplify conversation. Features include a four-hour auto shut-off, single knob for on/off and volume control and rubberized pressure points to prevent scratching. Earmuff connects to MP3 players, smartphones and scanner radios. The Sync stereo earmuff offers hearing protection and stereo sound quality, with the ability to plug into any portable music device, iPod or smartphone. The earmuff performs as a passive earmuff with a Noise ReducImpact Pro tion Rating of 25 if an audio device is not plugged in. Earmuff includes 3.5 audio input cable cord and does not require batteries. The Genesis interchangeable lens kit meets the military V0 ballistic impact test. The Genesis features lens options, including clear, amber and vermilion lenses, antifog lens coating, an adjustable fit frame and soft brow bar material. T Zoli North America (585) 394-1271 T he BHB “Between the Hands” Balancing System is now available in kit form. The system allows shooters to customize the necessary control, balance and swing dynamic in a well-fitted shotgun, while they are shooting. The kit is comprised of two multi-weight component sets, one under the forend and one inside the stock grip. The quick detachable, stock grip cap mechanism fits into the buttstock grip, accommodating six threaded steel disk weights, adding up to 3 ozs. The forend weight system can add up to 20 individual 4-gram magnet weights onto the side ribs underneath the forend. Maxpedition Hard-Use Gear (310) 768-0098 Alpha Dogg axpedition’s Tactical Luggage Lock is Travel Sentry approved and officially recognized by TSA, all U.S. airports and HM Revenue and Customs in the UK. Travel Sentry approved locks can be opened by security agencies for inspection without damage or delay. The Bomber and Growler Load-Out Duffels are discreet duffel-style bags with cylindrical profiles designed for concealing larger and longer objects. The exterior design creates an optical illusion as to the interior layout, which contains a two-way gusset allowing for creative organization of spaces. The Bomber measures 14-inches long x 8 inches in diameter; the Growler measures 21-inches long x 11 inches in diameter. M 104 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2012

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