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Shooting Industry January 2012 Digital Edition - Page 101

Laser Ammo USA (516) 858-1262 Direct Components (213) 985-2915 he Reset Trigger System for Glock pistols now works with the LaserAmmo SureStrike Dry Fire Training System. The kit includes a striker and modified trigger bar and trigger housing for consistent and realistic trigger pull, while resetting itself to allow for repetitive practice while projecting a laser dot to the target every shot. The trigger pull clicks like an actual Glock trigger and actuates the SureStrike system. Laser-Ammo is now an official U.S. distributor for the TAS single-dot sight system developed for Glock pistols. The sight, developed in collaboration with special response law enforcement units, features fiber optic technology, and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum 7075 and polycarbonate. Sight is manufactured to the highest military standards. T he UVGS-007 is an ultraviolet diode laser that operates with low amplitude noise, higher target fluorescence, tight focal length, shorter Rayleigh length and low power consumption. The unit is available in 5mW, 50mW, 100mW and 150mW, with windage and elevation settings and optional clamping systems for different rail types. T Kryptek ryptek adds the Vidar Scout Softshell Vest to its Mountain Assault Series. Designed to be silent and comfortable, the vest offers thermo-regulation control. Constructed from polyester high-gauge interlock with DWR 2L bonded polyester fleece backing, the vest has waterproof zippers, a water-resistant exterior and is constructed with bonded laminate protection with quick-cooling ventilation in key areas. Vest features the Mothwing Mountain Mimicry camouflage pattern, and has ample pockets. Available in sizes medium through 2XL. NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2012 • 101 K

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