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Shooting Industry January 2011 - Page 89

Winchester Ammunition (618) 258-2365 winchesterammo W inchester’s newest waterfowl line, Blind Side, features Hex shot and a diamond-cut wad system. It is offered in 12-gauge 3" and 3 1/2" options. The Super X line is expanding to include the Power-Core 95/5 centerfire rifle cartridge. This lead-free cartridge features hollowpoint design and solid gilding metal jacket. Offered in: .223 Rem. 64 gr., .270 Win. 130 gr., .30-06 Sprg. 150 gr., .300 Win. Mag. 150 gr., .30-30 Win. 150 gr. and 7mm Rem. Mag. 140 gr. The PDX1 Defender line expands to include four new offerings: .357 Sig 125 gr., .357 S&W Mag. 125 gr., .223 Rem. 60 gr. and .410-gauge 3". Power Max Bonded ammunition, designed for whitetail hunters, features additional new offerings: .223 Rem. 64 gr., .325 WSM 220 gr. and .338 Win. Mag. 200 gr. The E-Tip line now includes a .308 Win. 168 gr. offering. The Super-X Xpert Steel Shot line now features a 12-gauge 3" offering. The Super-X Lead Free Rifled Slug is the first lead-free (zinc) rifled slug developed for smooth bore barrel shotguns, according to Winchester. Offered in 12-gauge 3". Winchester adds a 17 HMR 15 1/2 gr. offering to its Varmint LF line. New to the Varmint HV line is a plastic-tip .22 Win. Mag. The Varmint HE 3/1 Segmenting Core features a hollowpoint that fragments into three forward segments with a solid rear core. Offered in .22 LR 37 gr. The M-22 is designed exclusively for modern sporting rifles in .22 LR, and is available as a 1,000-round bulk pack. NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2011 • 89

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