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Shooting Industry January 2011 - Page 40

Outdoor Outdoor marketplace he importance of hunting to the nation’s economy has long been cited to promote additional and longer hunting season, lower hunting ages and expanded hunting areas — plus, to counter anti-hunting efforts. A recently announced program in North Dakota provides plenty of evidence that hunting’s impact goes beyond the purchase of hunting licenses, firearms and ammo. The Hunting Works for North Dakota partnership seeks to encourage hunters to continue doing what they love, citing statistics from the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation to show the economic role hunting plays in the state. According to the foundation, each year 139,000 people hunt in North Dakota, spending more than $100 million on lodging, food, gas and gear. Every hunter spends an average of $729 each season to pursue his or her passion. “Hunting Works for North Dakota members are advocates for public policy, which supports jobs and economic prosperity,” said Todd Jacobson, co-chairman of the partnership, and owner of Sunlac Inn in Lakota, N.D. “As a grassroots organiza- J.K. Autry Hunting Has A Significant Impact On States’ Economies T “ tion, we are going to help explain the key role hunting plays in both the heritage and economic health of North Dakota.” North Dakota’s hunters pay more than $10.5 million in state taxes. To put this in perspective, the taxes paid by hunters could pay 360 North Dakota teachers’ salaries or fund the annual education ex- Hunters directly support more jobs in North Dakota than many of the state’s biggest employers. penses for 1,358 North Dakota students. “Many people don’t understand the cause-and-effect relationship hunting has on North Dakota’s economy,” said Rudie Martinson, executive director of the North Dakota Hospitality Association. “Hunters directly support more jobs in North Dakota than many of the state’s biggest employers — over 3,000 jobs — and indirectly support thousands more.” Others states would benefit from similar partnerships that highlight the economic benefits derived from hunting. ” “Before the hunt, we start with purchasing a license, and most of those proceeds go to fund wildlife in North Dakota,” said John Arman, host of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV, who applauded the North Dakota effort. “Then, we buy our hunting gear from local sporting goods retailers, and parts of those proceeds go to fund wildlife in our state through the Pittman Robertson Act, which is the key funding driver for conservation projects statewide. Then, we book our hotels. When the hunt nears, we fill our coolers with food from the local supermarket, and then buy gas, coffee and snacks at the local convenience store. And, if we are lucky, after the hunt we pay to have the game processed, and head to local diners and watering holes to share our stories.” The Hunting Works for North Dakota partnership has more than 40 partner organizations and has plans to add many more. For more information on Hunting Works for North Dakota, visit usty and Lee Morris, father-son owners of The AR Bunker in Newnan, Ga., are cruising in a brand new Mercedes Benz GLK SUV after being the lucky dealers in SIG SAUER’s Sizzing Summer Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes encouraged customers who purchased a SIG 1911, Classic Pistol, P250 2SUM, SIG516 or SIG556 rifle from a dealer to enter for a chance to win the SUV. The participating dealer who sold the winning gun would also receive a new SUV. The lucky customer who won the SUV was Jerry Parks from Temple, Ga. For more information on SIG SAUER, visit SIG SAUER CEO and President Ron Cohen (second from left) is joined by the SIG sales team to present the Mercedes Benz GLK SUV to Jerry Parks (yellow shirt), who purchased a SIG from The AR Bunker. R Dealer, Customer Driving New Mercedes Continued on page 43 Visit Us At SHOT Show Booth # 16329 40 Read SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2011

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