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Industrywatch Continued from page 114 E-mail the Editor MasterPiece Builds A Fistful Of Sales I n a segment of the market that has an abundance of subcompact offerings, the new Protector series handguns from MasterPiece Arms deserve more than a passing glance. The palm-size semiautos are receiving high marks in consumer “gripfeel” tests for comfort and control. The MPA32 (.32 ACP) and MPA380 (.380 ACP) are fully machined from solid steel — no castings, polymers or metal injection molding. Both pistols have 2.25" barrels, weigh 11.8 oz. and measure .925" in width, 4.37" in length and are 3.2" high. With MSRPs of $322.90 for black-finished models and $345.90 for stainless steel versions, the Protector semiautos are positioned right for dealers’ sales. For dealers attending the SHOT Show, visit MasterPiece Arms at booth #2130 on Level One of the convention center. SI DIGITAL For more information, visit Hot Link R Get Those Entries In eminder: The deadline to get your entries in for the 2011 Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence awards is Feb. 18, 2011. (See page 17.) Entries may be delivered to the FMG Publications SHOT Show booth, #16329, e-mailed to:, or sent to: Academy of Excellence, 12345 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128. For more information, visit www. and click “Awards.” Masters At Rockcastle Remington Counterattacks — Effectively emington’s special website response to a TV attack by CNBC in October 2010 was properly balanced, well presented and extremely effective. The hour-long CNBC documentary, “Remington: Under Fire,” attacked the safety features of the Model 700 rifle series, and Remington’s alleged lack of response to safety issues. On Remington’s website,, the company presents a vast amount of information that challenges the CNBC report, among them the credibility of Scott Cohn, the show’s reporter. Most SI DIGITAL telling are video reports Hot Link of “expert witness” Jack Belk, who, in a March 2008 deposition, while under oath, admitted he could not get the Model 700 to discharge accidentally. Developing the special website undoubtedly cost Remington a chunk of money. Given the stakes — and the effectiveness of the site — it was money well spent. Visit I R Saluting The Colt 1911 I t’s likely more companies will introduce Model 1911s this year than, well, perhaps, ever. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the pistol, that’s to be expected. It provides a great opportunity for Americans to own this fine pistol. While there are many companies making the pistol, the Colt 1911 holds a special place in my life. I carried it in many places around the world during 21-plus years in the Marine Corps, including Southeast Asia. Salutes to Colt. f you missed David Power’s letter concerning his experiences at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, take a moment to read it on page 8. During our recon of the center in August 2010, to determine if it was suitable for the 2011 Masters, we were impressed with the facilities. That, however, wasn’t the major “selling factor.” Rather, it was the passion of those who own and operate the Rockcastle Shooting Center, which is part of Park Mammoth Resort. In addition, local chamber-ofcommerce and government officials treated us like VIPs. We don’t consider ourselves as such, but their concerns and hospitality were greatly appreciated — and impacted our decision to hold the 2011 event in Kentucky. We have no doubt that you, too, will experience the passion and hospitality of Kentucky and the Rockcastle Shooting Center during your participation at the 2011 Shooting Industry Masters. Dealers, the Masters is for you, also. We’d like to see more dealer teams step to the firing line for this industry-only event, which raises money for NSSF’s First Shots program. If you haven’t signed up your team, now is the time. For entry forms and more information, visit 9 Colt 1911A1 .45 ACP NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2011 • 113

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