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Shooting Industry January 2010 - Page 95

Barnes Bullets 1-800-574-9200 B arnes Buster Bullets are heavy-for-caliber handgun and leverrifle bullets designed for hunting large game, and feature a thick copper jacket and a heavy lead core. They are available in 300-gr. .44 cal., 325-gr. .45 cal., 400-gr. .500 cal. and 400-gr. .45/70. For 2010, Barnes offers .375 cal. 350-gr. Banded Solids and TSX Bullets. The TSX features a 100-percent copper, lead-free body. Multiple rings cut into the shank relieve pressures, virtually eliminate copper fouling and contribute to the bullet’s accuracy. The 350-gr. .375 Banded Solids bullets are machined from homogenous copper/zinc alloy. Barnes adds a 85-gr. 6.8 SPC to its line of MPG (Multi-Purpose Green) bullets. Designed for AR-type riles, the MPG line offers limited penetration for hunting and sports shooting. For 2010, Barnes adds seven Tipped TSX (TTSX) bullets and five TSX bullets to its hunting line. The TTSX feature Barnes’ Triple-Shock 350 gr. .375 caliber X Bullet design, with the addition of a streamlined polymer tip. New TTSX additions: 100-gr. .264" BT (6.5mm), 110-gr. .284" FB (7mm), 160-gr. .323" BT (8mm), 110-gr. .308" FB, 200-gr. .308" BT, 185-gr. .338" BT and 300-gr. .458" BT (SOCOM). New TSX additions: 50-gr. .224" FB, 285-gr. .338" (Lapua) BT, 350-gr. .375" FB. Barnes introduces allnew TAC-TX bullets and expands its line of TAC-X, TAC-XP and TAC-RRLP bullets. The TAC-TX (Tactical Tipped TSX Bullet) features the TAC-X design, with the addition of a streamlined polymer tip. It’s available in 100-gr. 6.5mm, 200-gr. .308" and 300-gr. .458" (SOCOM). Added TAC-X (Tactical TSX Bullet): 110-gr. .308" and 285-gr. .338" (Lapua). Added TAC-XP (Tactical X Pistol): 95-gr. 9mm. Added TAC-RRLP (Tactical Reduced Ricochet Limited Penetration): 85-gr. 6.8SPC. The T-EZ is an easier-loading version of Barnes’ Spit-Fire TMZ muzzleloader bullet. The new sabot reduces ramrod pressure required to load and seat the .50 cal. 250- or 290-gr. bullet. Available in 15 and 24 packs. In releasing its third DVD, Barnes says, “How can you be sure to use the right bullet? Advertising claims are often misleading, so ‘Performance vs. Deformance’ takes you afield to see for yourself how Barnes Bullets perform.” The DVD is free to dealers and consumers. The Bidding Starts Now.® Don’t limit your business to customers in your local selling area.® has more than 2.5 million customers nationwide. Getting started is fast and easy – we can help you get firearms appraised, manage your photos and monitor your auctions. Come see what the World’s Largest Online Auction of Firearms and Accessories™ can do for your business, only at SHOT SHOW EXTRA SUPER ISSUE 2010 • 95

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