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Shooting Industry January 2010 - Page 94

2010 Hornady (308) 382-1390 New EXTRA! Products FTX (.357 Mag.), 44 cal. .430 225-gr. FTX (.44 Mag.) and 45 cal. .452 225-gr. FTX (.45 Colt). The .50 Cal 300gr. InterLock FPB has been added to Hornady’s muzzleloading line. It features Flex Tip, a copper jacket and a specially engineered profile that eliminates bullet/sabot fouling and the need for a “plastic skirt.” The Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge measures weights to within 0.1 grains and has a scale capacity of 1,000 grains. It features automatic and manual dispense options, trickle function, three speed settings and overcharge protection. The Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner combines ultrasonic cleaning action and the cleaning solution, One Shot Sonic Clean, to remove carbon residue and other foreign materials from the entire case. The sonic cleaner cleans the inside of the case and primer pockets. It can hold up to 200 .223 Rem. cases or 100 .308 Win. cases. Auto Charge H ornady reports that its new Superformance ammunition “is 100- to 200-fps faster than any conventional ammunition on the market.” Superformance features ultra-progressive propellants and is offered with SST and GMX bullets, in calibers from .243 Win. to .458 Win. Mag. The 6.5 Creedmoor hunting cartridge is loaded with the new 120-gr. GMX and the 129-gr. bullets. Chambered by Ruger and DPMS in hunting rifles, the 6.5 Creedmoor is included in Hornady’s Superformance line. Hornady has added the 6.5 Grendel, with a 123-gr. A-MAX bullet, to its Match ammunition line. The 9.3x62 286-gr. InterLock SP-RP has been added to Hornady’s Dangerous Game Series. Its rimless cartridge is designed to approximate the performance of the classic 9.3x74R cartridge. In its Critical Defense line, Hornady adds .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, .45 Auto and 12-ga. 00 Buckshot loads. The ammunition features Flex Tip technology and nickel-plated cases. Varmint Express NTX ammunition and component bullets feature a polymer tip and streamlined design for ultra-flat trajectories. They are California compatible. The ammunition is available in .17 Mach 2 15.5-gr. NTX, .17 HMR 15.5-gr. NTX, .22 WMR 25-gr. NTX., .204 Ruger 30-gr. NTX and .223 Rem. 45-gr. NTX. The bullets are available in .204 Ruger 30-gr., NTX and .22 NTX. The Hornady 12-ga. #4 Buckshot has been added to the varmint hunting line. Hornady expands its offerings of GMX (Gilding Metal eXpanding) Component Bullets with the 6mm .243 80-gr. GMX, 25 cal. .257 110-gr. GMX, 6.5mm .264 120-gr. GMX, 30 cal. .308 150-gr. GMX FTX (.30-30 Win.) and 338 cal. .338 185-gr. GMX. Hornady’s FTX component bullets feature Flex Tip and InterLock. They are available in 30 cal. .308 150-gr. GMX FTX (.3030 Win.), 30 cal. .308 160-gr. FTX (.308 Marlin Express), 338 cal. .338 200-gr. FTX (.338 Marlin Express), 38 cal. .357 140-gr. Winchester Ammunition (618) 258-3598 inchester Ammunition is extending its Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 line for 2010 with the addition of .380 Auto (95 gr.) and .45 Colt (225 gr.). Bonded PDX1 features include a proprietary bonding process, jacket notching, copper alloy jacket and nickel-plated shell case. The E-Tip line has been expanded with the addition of the .338 Bonded PDX1 Win. Mag. (200 gr.). The bullet’s E2 cavity promotes expansion at long and short ranges, the copper-alloy metal, lead-free design provides near 100-percent weight retention W and helps prevent barrel fouling, and the polycarbonate tip resists deformation and improves downrange ballistics. The Super-X P o w e r M a x Bonded line also has been extended. Key features of the Super-X bullet include a Protected Hollow Point (PHP) design, lead core bonding to the jacket with a proprietary process, frontal area bullet expansion and lead remains bonded to the jacket after impact. New 2010 calibers: .243 Win. Power (100 PHP), .30-06 Spg. (180 PHP), .300 Win. Mag. (180 PHP), .300 WSM (180 PHP), 7mm Rem. Mag. (150 PHP) and 7mm WSM (150 PHP). 94 Read SI DIGITAL • SHOT SHOW EXTRA SUPER ISSUE 2010

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