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Shooting Industry January 2010 - Page 93

Sabre Defence (615) 333-0077 Competition Deluxe Piston Carbine abre Defence Industries introduces three new models of its XR15 rifles featuring a new piston operating system. The M4 Tactical Piston Carbine, the M5 Tactical Piston Carbine and the Competition Deluxe Piston Carbine feature an operating system with a short-stroke piston design that eliminates carbon-fouling buildup in the receiver by venting gases forward. The M4 and M5 Tactical Piston Carbines feature 14 1/2" and 16" chrome-moly vanadium alloy barrels, Samson Manufacturing free-float quad-rail handguards and Magpul Industries CTR six-position buttstocks. The Competition Deluxe Piston Rifle fea- S M5 Tactical Piston Carbine tures the same accessories and a 16", 18" or 20", 410 stainlesssteel, medium-weight, mid-length, fluted barrel, and Sabre Defence “Gill” muzzle brake. Visit Us At Booth # 15327 Also In The Law Enforcement Section Booth # 20227 SHOT SHOW EXTRA SUPER ISSUE 2010 • 93

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