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Shooting Industry January 2010 - Page 88

THERE’S THERE’S By John Morrison BAGS OF OF BAGS PACKS Display Strategically, Encourage Browsing And Cash In! He filled the flower cart with an array of cases, ensuring they covered a range of prices, colors and materials. Sales, he said, went from “growing” to “spectacular!” Since then, in the aftermath of the unprecedented buying frenzy following the November ’08 elections, more and more dealers have mentioned the demand for range bags, carrying cases, overt and discreet weapons carriers, alternative concealed-carry packs and just about anything else customers can stuff guns, ammo and gear into. In virtually every instance, they said the trick is to place a variety of bags and carriers where customers have to see them, and — key point: arrange products to encourage browsing, handling and comparing. With that done, the consensus was, the goods become “self-sellers.” As comedian George Carlin used to say, “Everybody’s got stuff; too much stuff!” and that’s particularly true of shooters. Now all you have to do is offer them stuff to stuff their stuff into, and cash in on those bags of bucks! Here’s but a small sampling of the many bags and packs available to dealers. BUCKS & IN IN T he seeds for this quick look at bags and packs were sown a year ago when SI interviewed Joe Dominguez, manager of The Stockade gun shop in Westminster, Calif. Dominguez reported a successful sales technique he had stumbled across. He was moving an antique flower cart from one place to another in the store, and he paused at a central location, thinking, “Wait a minute. There’s lots of room here, and it’s a hard-to-miss, strategic point. Sales of handgun cases and range bags are up, and I need better display space for them.” Maxpedition packs, bags and cases are proven moneymakers. The Malaga Gearslinger (shown) is particularly popular with outdoorswomen and hunters. The ladies use it as an “enhanced field purse,” and hunters like the ambidextrous single shoulder strap, because wearing it on the “off” shoulder eliminates interference with quickly shouldering a long gun. The Malaga also has two compartments for concealed handgun carry. See the Malaga and more at Browning has more bag and pack offerings than most companies. The Sawtooth Mountain and Gear Bag is a favorite with consumers — it’s not too big, not too small: just right in size. It measures 15"x7"x7", with a slick dual-entry top for quick access to ammo and gear, an accessory pocket on the end, removable dividers to customize the interior and a hardmolded bottom. The Mossy Oak New Break-Up and the well-known Browning logo will help clinch sales. See Browning’s extensive line of bags and packs at www.browning. com. 88 Read SI DIGITAL • SHOT SHOW EXTRA SUPER ISSUE 2010

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