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Shooting Industry January 2010 - Page 113

Industry watch Colt Expands Its Commercial Effort olt’s Manufacturing continues its advancement into the commercial market. For 2010, the company returns its 9mm pistols to its line, with an improved New Agent. The compact 1911-style pistol features a 3" barrel, captive recoil spring system, skeletonized aluminum trigger, snag-free, trench-style sight and front-strap serrations. In addition, for 2010, Colt brings back the Frontier Six Shooter and a nickel-finished Sheriff’s & Storekeeper’s Model. Leading Colt’s commercial efforts is Joyce Rubino, vice president and chief operating officer. A 30-plus-year Colt employee, Rubino says Colt accomplished a lot in 2009. “We feel very good about our efforts last year. A lot of hard work has gone into strengthening the manufacturing operation by investing in new equipment and our engineering efforts. We put a lot of the emphasis into getting the infrastructure rebuilt from the ground up, so we can get more product into the marketplace,” Rubino said. The reaction to Colt’s efforts and its new products was very positive at November’s NASGW Expo, Rubino said. “We had a very strong reaction. The market is so strong right now in personal defense, and our New Agent and Defender are top sellers. The distributors continue to be very supportive of Joyce Rubino, Colt’s Mfg. vice president and chief Colt. We had an increase in our pro- operating officer, holds the new 9mm New Agent. duction in 2009 and it was noticed, and they’re very pleased with our efforts,” Rubino said. For the future, Rubino says the company’s goals include consistent, reliable production. “Steady production will translate into more new products we can bring to the marketplace in 2010 and 2011,” Rubino said. With slightly more than a year in her new position, Rubino says she is very proud to be a leader at Colt. “It’s extremely exciting. I’m getting out more into the industry to learn more about it and the marketplace. I’ve embraced all aspects of this job and I’m eager to learn all I can about the products, the customers and everything we can do to improve our relationships with our customers in the industry, and move Colt forward in the years to come,” she said. At SHOT Show 2010, visit Colt’s booth, #12629, or visit C Russ Thurman HEY LADIES!!! TIRED OF THE MESS AND SMELL OF CLEANING YOUR GUN? Then try ENVIRONCLEAN FA! Ogre Mfg. LLC DISTRIBUTORS WANTED! 414.475.9339 nnovative” is a word too-often used to describe products that aren’t. Two new products from Laser Genetics warrant the label. The ND3 Laser Designator creates true night vision, and turns a scoped rifle into a night hunter. Combining an eye-safe green laser diode and an optical collimator, the ND3 pairs with a riflescope and casts a beam of green laser light to illuminate targets up to 250 yards. Laser The ND5 Long Distance Laser Locator is a high-powGenetics ered, handheld laser light built for civilian use. It inteND3 grates a micro Green Laser Pump with a hand-controlled, nine-lens Linear Optical Collimator, and features onehand thumb controls to adjust the laser beam diameter and illumination intensity. At SHOT Show, see Laser Genetics at booth #7411 in the L.E. Section and at the GAMO Outdoor booth, #11849. Visit 9 SHOT SHOW SUPER ISSUE 2010 • “I Laser Genetics Does Green Right Visit Us At Booth # 15327 Also In The Law Enforcement Section Booth # 20227 113

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