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Shooting Industry January 2010 - Page 108

2010 M New EXTRA! Products O.F. Mossberg & Sons 1-800-363-3555 ossberg presents the Lightning Pump Action user-adjustable trigger system, which offers a rifle-like, creep-free trigger on a pump-action shotgun. With its skeletonized lightning bolt trigger blade, the shotgun comes with a trigger pull under 3 lbs., and is adjustable up to 7 lbs. The trigger is featured on several configurations of the Mossberg 500, 535 and 835 Turkey, Slugster and combo models. Lightning Pump Action Zippo (814) 368-2842 Harness the power of the world-wide-web to bring new customers to your door. Increase Your Sales Offer Customers A Fully Stocked ONLINE STORE Now Your Website Can Offer Over 10,000 Products ippo expands its reach into the outdoor market for 2010 with its new Zippo Outdoor Line. It includes several new products: Campfire Starter, Emergency Fire Starter Kit and the Flexible Neck Utility Lighter; along with products from its existing line: Deluxe Hand Warmer, Outdoor Utility Lighter and Windproof Pocket Lighter. A number of the products will feature Advantage Max-4 HD finishes. Z Zippo Outdoor Tornado Defence System 1-877-460-0939 DISTRIBUTOR CATALOG Tornado Personal Defence T 108 Call Today for a Free Consultation and Online Demo Toll Free: 1-800-699-0820 - Distributor Product & Inventory Link - One-Click-To-Ship - Custom Design & Branding he Tornado Personal Defence System features an alarm, strobe light and pepper spray. About the size of a cell phone, the unit is activated when it is removed from its base. The Insta-Finger Lock helps retain the unit in the hand and position it properly for use. The system discharges a stream of proprietary pepper spray, rated at two million Scoville heat units, up to 10' with six to eight 1-second bursts. The nozzle is positioned to ensure the spray hits above or directly in the face of an attacker. The alarm is rated at 120 to 125 decibels. A number of accessories are available, including six colored clips, replacement head, armband, and wall and vehicle mounts. Visit Us At Booth # 15327 Read SI DIGITAL Also In The Law Enforcement Section Booth # 20227 • SHOT SHOW EXTRA SUPER ISSUE 2010

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