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Shooting Industry January 2010 - Page 102

2010 New EXTRA! Products Gunslick Pro Revision Eyewear (514) 849-1874 1-800-635-7656 R evision Eyewear introduces the Wolf Spider Goggle System, which provides an uncompromised field-of-view, best-in-class ballistic protection and dual frame-material technology for comfortable, extended wearability. Goggles features OcuMax-coated interchangeable lenses for fog-free vision, and are UV-AB-C protective for military, tactical and recreational performance. Wolf Spider Goggle T he .50 BMG Rifle Kit includes carbon fiber rods, chamber and bore brushes, Foaming Bore Cleaner, mops, patches, cloths, brushes and a Gunslick Pro carrying case, plus a bore guide that doubles as a way to inject foaming bore cleaner into the barrel. The carbon fiber cleaning rod has two sections measuring 43" and 19". The AR-15 Bore Guide is made from aluminum with a knurled end that makes for easy removal. A large solvent port allows access to a full length of brushes and mops. Chemical resistant O-rings hold the guide in place. Benchrest Quality Attachments introduces Bore Brushes for Rifle, Bore Brushes for Handgun and Bore Brushes for Shotgun, each of which feature soft brass core wire and slugs to help reduce the risk of chamber and barrel damage. Multiple calibers and gauges are offered. Also offered in multiple calibers and gauges are Nylon Bore Brushes for Rifle, Nylon Bore Brushes for Handgun and Nylon Bore Brushes for Shotgun with brass core and brass slugs. Brass Rifle Jags, Brass Handgun Jags and Brass Shotgun Jags are also presented. The Benchrest Mop is offered in multiple calibers and gauges. .50 BMG Rifle Kit Sentry Solutions 1-800-546-8049 S entry Solutions has packaged a Gear Care Kit to keep outdoor gear rust-free and knives razor sharp. Their Tuf-Cloth, Tuf-Glide, Gatco Super Micro Ceramic Four Rod sharpener and lint-free cleaning tools are packaged in a cloth pouch. Tuf-Cloth prevents rust from forming on any metal surface, providing a water-displacing, micro-bonded barrier against rust, friction and wear. Tuf-Glide works with the Tuf-Cloth by lubricating with a dry-film rust inhibitor. Gatco’s Super Micro Ceramic Sharpener contains two fine and two medium sharpening rods and a built-in angle guide. Galco • 1-800-US-GALCO Gear Care Kit 102 he Wraith, from Galco’s Carry Lite line, features a thumb-break retention strap, allowing a very fast draw, while the reinforced mouth allows one-handed return to the holster. A sturdy belt channel offers a mild butt-forward cant. Constructed of Premium Center Cut Steerhide, the Wraith fits belts up to 1 3/4", is made for semiautomatic pistols and is available in right- and left-hand designs in black finish. The WheelGunner carries a medium- or large-frame revolver, features an ambidextrous design, and can be used strong side or crossdraw, allowing carry in four different positions. The revolver is secured by hand-molded features and an adjustable hammer thong. Constructed of premium saddle leather, the WheelGunner fits belts up to 1", and is available for single- and double-action revolvers in tan color. The Tuck-N-Go builds on the USA/UDC tuckable holsters and the Stow-N-Go IWB. The TuckN-Go’s open top allows a fast draw, while the reinforced mouth allows a smooth and easy return. The holster features Galco’s Generation III tuckable J-Hook, which hooks over the pants and behind the belt. The Tuck-N-Go carries the handgun in a vertical orientation, with no cant or angle. Constructed of comfortable premium Center Cut Steerhide, it fits Tuck-N-Go belts up to 1 1/2". Wraith T Read SI DIGITAL • SHOT SHOW EXTRA SUPER ISSUE 2010

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