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Shooting Industry February 2013 - Page 28

Remington’s Model 870 is the most-recommended shotgun at Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply. This model, the 870 Express Tactical, has an 18 1/2-inch barrel and expanded shotshell capacity. Perso Arming New he personal-defense business remains at the top of the industry’s sales statistics. This market segment, while always historically strong, has grown exponentially in recent years. Most recently, personal-defense sales surged following the tragedy in Connecticut. T Citing fear as a major motivation, more gun owners are purchasing personal-defense firearms, ammunition and related accessories to protect themselves, their families and those around them. A significant number of these personal-defense customers are first-time buyers, many of them women. “We are seeing a growth in newer shooters, definitely leaning Smith & Wesson’s J-Frames are among the best sellers at Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply. This Model 638, in .38 S&W Special +P, has a 1.87-inch barrel. 28 FEBRUARY 2013 toward home defense. They didn’t have as big a concern about that in the past, but now they are thinking, ‘OK, it’s time. We probably need to get at least a handgun and maybe a shotgun for home defense,’” said Bill Cates, manager of Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply in Fort Collins, Colo. Cates, a former police officer, and his sales staff of mostly former law enforcement personnel, are keenly aware of the needs of their customer base. “There’s much uncertainty out there, and I’m seeing people expanding on their purchases of the last four years,” Cates said, pointing out that many of those firearms were just stored away by consumers. “Now, they are getting them out of the drawers and safes and are thinking, ‘I need to shoot this thing. Now it’s time to maybe amp up the ammo purchases.’ We’re even seeing more sales of things like freeze-dried food,” Cates said. Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply has an onsite range, and holds classes to provide their customers the knowledge, confi confidence and skills needed to make informed decisions about per personal- and home-defense firearms. “Our range is a large asset. We have concealed-carry class classes here, which I instruct. We’re getting a lot of calls for that, as well. We do a women’s-only course and a coed class. We have a steady increase in women shooters and women interested in self-defense,” said Cates, a 30-year industry veteran and 15-year manager of Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply. Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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