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Shooting Industry February 2012 Digital Edition - Page 8

Industry Industrynews By Russ Thurman he firearms industry is enjoying significant sales momentum from 2011, with consumers making purchases that have reached recordsetting status. The FBI reported a record number of background checks were conducted during December, which capped a recordsetting year for NICS. In December, NICS conducted 1,410,938 (NSSF-adjusted) background checks, an increase of 25.5 percent over December 2010. This is the highest number of background checks for a single month in the history of NICS, and marked the 19th straight month of increases. For 2011, NICS conducted a recordsetting 10,791,275 (NSSF-adjusted) checks, an increase of 14.4 percent over 2010, a 33.5-percent increase over 2007 (5-year) and a 54.1-percent increase over 2002 (10-year). While the number of background checks does not reflect the actual number of firearms sold, it is the most up-to-date indicator of what is happening in the mar- Sell Custom Holsters — pg. 16 Industry Hits 2012 With Record-Setting Momentum T “ ketplace. NSSF adjusts the NICS data by subtracting out NICS purpose code permit checks used by several states for CCW permit application checks, and checks on active CCW permit databases. The number of firearms sales has attracted the attention of the mainstream media. On Jan. 3, CNBC posted a story on its website ( titled “Fire- As more Americans embrace Second Amendment rights, the anti-firearm movement dries up. arms Sales Ring in 2012 With a Bang.” “Uncertainty in a presidential election year. Warriors returning from the battlefields. The comeback of the hunter. These are just some of the reasons that gun experts and advocates cite as reasons why firearms makers are ringing in 2012 like gangbusters,” writes Peter Suciu. The article details a number of factors that have had a positive impact on firearm ” sales, including the significant number of Americans who support the Second Amendment. That support was dramatically reflected in the October 2011 Gallup Poll that reported a record-low 26 percent of Americans favor a legal ban on possession of handguns in the United States. Gallup also reported that for the first time, there is greater opposition to than support for a ban on semiautomatic guns or “assault rifles.” This good news for the industry — and gun owners — has stalled the anti-gun movement. In its Jan. 9-15 issue, “Bloomberg Businessweek” features an article titled, “Gun Control: A Movement Without Followers.” The article subhead: “As more Americans embrace Second Amendment rights, the anti-firearm movement dries up.” While there is a lot to celebrate as the industry enters 2012, there are negative factors to consider: primarily the possibility of a second term for President Obama, and the impact of a continuing wobbly European economy. Smith & Wesson Secures M&P Pistol Contracts mith & Wesson Holding Corp. has received contracts from the Belgium Federal Police, the Massachusetts State Police and the Vermont State Police for new duty firearms from the M&P pistol series. The Belgium Federal Police has ordered 20,000 M&P 9mm polymer pistols for delivery over a 10-year period, plus simunition and dedicated training firearms based on the M&P platform. The police agency, a force with 12,500 officers, has received an initial shipment of 2,500 pistols as part of the full department conversion to Smith & Wesson duty firearms. The Massachusetts State Police has ordered 2,500 M&P45 S pistols, while the Vermont State Police has ordered 390 M&P40 pistols. “We are extremely pleased with these decisions to transition to the M&P pistol,” said Mario Pasantes, Smith & Wesson’s senior vice president of marketing and global professional sales. “Today, over 800 law enforcement agencies have adopted or approved for duty use our M&P products. Our commitment to those who have put their trust in Smith & Wesson is steadfast.” For more information, visit At The Rockcastle Shooting Center For The 2012 Shooting Industry Masters! See page 34. Visit 8 FEBRUARY 2012 Join Us Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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