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Shooting Industry February 2012 Digital Edition - Page 35

SELLING BEGIN! By Ray Oeltjen LET THE Manufacturers, Distributors Set Business Pace At NASGW Expo “S tock, Sell, Ship, Service: NASGW — Every Day Since 1973.” strong for Warne long into the future,” Wilcox said. Tom Taylor, Mossberg’s vice president of sales and marketing, said 2012 offers great opportunities, as the company introduces new products and ex- Promoting that theme, NASGW kicked off its 38th Expo & Annual Meeting in Reno, Nev., in early November. The event continues to enjoy growing support. “Wholesalers are the backbone of the shooting sports business, and a strong relationship with wholesalers is indispensable, as two-step distribution is permanently ingrained in this industry,” said Andy York, Leupold vice president of sales, marketing and technology. York said Leupold’s demand-flow system has dramatically enhanced the company’s fill-rate percentage. “This has greatly improved our business with wholesalers, who rely on rapid fill rates, and this show is indispensable in conveying that message to the wholesalers,” York said. Dave Wilcox, vice president of operations for Warne Scope Mounts, was very pleased with the show. “Our growth rate in the wholesaler market has averaged 15 to 20 percent in the last five years, and two-step distribution will continue to be pands its programs. “We’ll continue to implement creative programs that are positive for both distribution and retail,” Taylor said. “We’re very focused on making sure the consumer knows what we’re about, what Mossberg stands for and that we’re developing a tremendous amount of new products.” Chris Leight, national sales manager for Howard Leight, forecasts a positive 2012. “For us in 2011, we’re up double digits. Crunching numbers is the focus as companies, such as ATK, finalize sales to distributors. FEBRUARY 2012 35

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