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Shooting Industry February 2012 Digital Edition - Page 18

Outdoor Outdoor marketplace new study shows personal experiences influence what hunting, shooting and fishing products customers choose to purchase more than any other factors. The research, conducted by, and, reveals that 78 percent of hunters and shooters and 77 percent of anglers rely on personal experience when it comes to which brands they buy. Considering how dedicated your customers are to their own personal experiences, it comes as no surprise that the second most popular deciding factor is brand loyalty, with 56 percent of hunters and shooters and 57 percent of anglers declar- J.K. Autry What Influences Customers’ Purchasing Habits? A “ P ing it a factor when they make purchases. “This is a clear message to companies that if they provide a product that delivers on its promises every time a sportsman uses it, they may well have made that hunter, shooter or angler a customer for life,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the surveys. Sportsmen also rely heavily on recommendations from other experienced sportsmen, according to the survey. The research also showed that 23 percent of those surveyed looked to magazine ads or feature articles when making their purchases, which ranked higher than any oth- Personal experiences influence what hunting, shooting and fishing products customers choose to purchase more than any other factors. Packing In Pink’s New Dealer Program acking in Pink wants women to know that “just because they shoot like a man doesn’t mean they have to act like one.” Thanks to the company’s new dealer program and wholesale pricing, dealers now have an excellent way to stock the pink products their female customers want. The Packing in Pink line features pink women’s shooting apparel and accessories, including earmuffs and range glasses, cable locks and personal-defense products. A portion of every Packing in Pink purchase is donated to breast cancer research. Dealers interested in carrying the Packing in Pink line can have store-ready packaged products shipped within five to 10 business days. Also, dealers receive a $25 bonus credit if they place an order before Feb. 15. For more information, visit or contact Kim Page, owner and dealer relations manager, directly at 1-855474-4867 or via email: Also, be sure to “like” Packing in Pink on Facebook to gain access to eNewsletters and information on new product releases. Visit and search “Packing In Pink.” FEBRUARY 2012 Legacy Offers ISSC M22 And MK22 egacy Sports International has gained exclusive rights from ISSC to import the M22 pistol line and MK22 semiautomatic rifles (excluding the Commando model). Inventory is now available. M22 and MK22 repair parts can be ordered from Legacy’s warranty repair center, Sports World in Tulsa, Okla., which also handles ISSC M22 warranty work. Legacy “intends to expand and improve upon the delivery and customer service of the ISSC lineup,” and plans to “actively promote these products,” according to Andy McCormick, Legacy’s vice president of sales and marketing. The M22 .22 LR semiautomatic, polymer-framed handguns closely resemble Glock pistols in size, weight and shape, though the action is more similar to the Walther P22. ISSC’s MK22 semiauto rifle is a modern sporting rifle based on the FN SCAR. For more information, visit L ” er media. Twenty percent rely on Internet articles when choosing which purchases to make, with 12 percent looking to television commercials and 3 percent considering Internet ads. This runs counter to popular position that printing publications, such as magazines, are on the decline. “The value of a written article that discusses the merits of a product certainly still holds a lot of influence with today’s sportsmen,” Southwick said. The surveys also show that only 9 percent of sportsmen look to celebrity and professional endorsements when deciding whether to purchase a particular brand. Encourage your customers to participate in surveys at, and AnglerSurvey. com, where they’ll have a monthly chance to win one of five $100 gift certificates to the retailer of their choice. For more information on Southwick Associates, visit ISSC MK22 Black 18 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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