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Shooting Industry February 2012 Digital Edition - Page 16

Defense Personal Defense Market Sell Custom Holsters In Your Gun Shop Massad Ayoob Currently at my waist is a Galco rig I’ve proudly owned for ccessories such as holsters make up a good bit of the profit margin of retail gun shops, and generally offer a a few years. It’s one you can order, customized, for a customer. It is comprised of a dress gunbelt with a handsome brass buckle, better markup than firearms. Generally, the holsters dealers have in stock are standard mod- a low-profile cartridge pouch and one of Galco’s Yaqui Slide els, and are sometimes even kinda, well, generic. When I ques- holsters. All are dyed to a striking mahogany color, offset handtion serious shooters — the kind of customers you want, the kind somely with white stitching. I got it originally as a “barbecue rig” for “barbecue guns,” who spend several thousand such as my 3 1/2-inch bardollars a year at their local rel Smith & Wesson Model gun shops — one of their big 27 with its gorgeous bright complaints is the stores don’t blue finish and handsome, have really good holsters, genuine staghorn grips. The magazine pouches, etc., on finishing touch is my initials display and ready for immeon the side of the holster. diate out-the-door purchase. It did noble service for It is no surprise that the “fancy showoff gun duty,” big-spender customers — but I discovered a pleasant the serious handgun shooters side bonus: It was amaz— want the best holsters and ingly fast. I also learned that ammo carriers they can get. by tightening the adjustment Nor is it a surprise that they screws, this N-frame holster want some custom touches. would perfectly and securely When a committed shooter fit an L-frame revolver, such wants a customized holster, as the Smith & Wesson Modhe has learned to go directly el 686 I often use in Stock to a cottage industry holster You can custom order a rig like this from Galco Gunleather. It’s great for maker. Why? Because he “barbecue guns,” like this Performance Center Smith & Wesson, is very Service Revolver division in International Defensive Pisnever sees that stuff at your fast and can be stamped with the customer’s initials. tol Association matches. place, the local gun shop. So far, I’ve used it in And you know what? There’s no reason he shouldn’t be buying it through you, and af- four matches, and won three of them. Carry rig, showoff rig, match-winning rig — yes, I am very happy with this holster. fording you the profit. And if you had sold it to a customer, he would be very happy The Galco Approach with it, too, and very grateful to you for providing him with Some of your regular commercial holster suppliers will do such a good value. custom work for you and your customers, if you check into it. View Galco’s custom holster program at A Fresh Up-And-Comer Options ome of the custom holster companies give dealer discounts, and some do not. You have to contact the maker of choice and learn their policy. However, the holster industry also has some hungry young up-and-comers who are perfectly happy to offer a dealer discount to get their product into the world. One such holster maker is Cerisse Wilson, who has a gift for leatherwork. I recently taught a class and did a training film wearing a Glock in one of her holsters. I was very pleased with the simple, practical design of the scabbard, the quality of the leather and the workmanship. Her company, Soteria Leather, promises delivery within three weeks. Her lowest-priced product is a pocket holster at $52 suggested retail. Her highest-priced outside- or inside-the-waistband holsters are $114 MSRP. Learn more at 16 FEBRUARY 2012 S Another custom holster maker is Devin Wulle, with his last name pronounced “wooly.” Devin carries a gun for a living in his day job. His avocation, however, is holster making. Hey, didn’t John Bianchi get started that way? Devin’s company is called Further custom options include this Kydex scabbard from White Dog Holsters, which works perfectly with a standard-size Smith & Wesson M&P. Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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