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Shooting Industry February 2012 Digital Edition - Page 1

INTERNET TRANSFERS: Worth It? FEBRUARY 2012 What’s Crucial To Big Profits? DEFENSE Let 2012 Selling Begin! PERSONAL For more than 5 decades, Chiappa a has been making quality firearms s for hunters, shooters and sportsman. Whether your passion is stalking big game or ripping through a case of .22 ammo, there’s a Chiappa made to fit your style. Optimize Turkey Sales! Latest Promotions, Rebates pg.20 DRIVING SALES! I TA IT AL L IA I A N QU Q U ALIT QUAL A L IT AL T Y, Y, A ME MERI RICA RI C A N CR CAN CA RA AF F TSMA TS S MA M A NS NSH HI I IP P Dealers Only Giveaway! pg. 21

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