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Shooting Industry February 2011 - Page 6

Letters Letters to the editor I’m writing to make your readership aware of the extraordinary customer service I enjoyed from the fine folks at SIG SAUER. As a U.S. Army Infantry veteran and police officer, with a quarter-century of service under my belt, I’ve seen a lot of so-called “reliable” service handguns come and go. I’ve carried a SIG SAUER P220 as my primary sidearm in uniform duty, SWAT, plainclothes and off-duty since 1992, because I felt the SIG .45 was the most reliable replacement available for the stalwart S&W Model 28, which I had to relinquish when my department mandated a switch to semiauto pistols. In May of last year, my SIG P220 broke during a departmental qualification. This particular weapon had been purchased new in August of 2001, so it had a few miles on it. After shipping the weapon to SIG SAUER, and some correspondence with Ms. Melissa Foote and Mr. Joe Winter in SIG’s customer service department, the weapon was replaced. During the E-mail the Editor to name a few of the higher-end producers. This may be fine for Beverly Hills, but certainly out of reach of Main Street USA, for the most part. Sure there are some lowend pieces that may serve, but they are certainly not something to stake your life on. Or perhaps I’m just an old cheapskate who is old enough to remember when guns were affordable, even for the common working stiff or retiree. Money’s tight, and times are getting harder by the day. Main Street really needs a few good quality handguns and rifles at a decent price-point. H&R and Stoeger have taken care of the shotgun end, which is a good thing. At this rate, we won’t have to worry about the government taking our guns. The manufacturers will just make them so expensive no one can afford them. Perhaps some coupons or lower price-points might be in order. It is time manufacturers are reminded of the average Joe and Jane out here needing their help. Mike Trotta Redmond, Ore. 9 SIG SAUER Reputation warranty process I spoke with Mr. Gary Wade, the head of SIG SAUER’s Law Enforcement and Military Division — truly a “stand-up” guy. In this age of bailouts and excuses, it was a genuinely refreshing experience to deal with the folks at SIG SAUER, and especially Mr. Wade. The top dogs at SIG SAUER should take special pride in the way their “to hell and back” reliability and reputation is being honored. Sean Lynch California Police Officer Once again, the price of quality firearms is rising out of reach of most shooters. FNH firearms once could be had for around $450 or less. Now they are over $700. It’s the same with Taurus 1911s, EAA EZs and Smith & Wesson semiautos. The new Glocks are right at $600-plus. Same with the Springfield XD and 1911s. I won’t even go into the prices of S&W revolvers at over a grand, or the prices of HKs and SIGs, just Help Needed Add SABRE… Add Sales! New product to increase your 2011 sales include the Pink LipStick Spray, Duathlete Athletic Model Pepper Spray with reflective arm band, SABRE Stun Guns in fashionable colors, SABRE Red Pepper Gel with 20 foot Range, and Pink Runner Spray. Plus, we’ve updated packaging for our best selling SABRE and SABRE Red pepper sprays. Place Your Order Today! Making Grown Men Cry 1975! Made in the U.S.A. 747 Sun Park Drive • Fenton, Missouri 63026 • 1-800-325-9568 • 6 FEBRUARY 2011 Read SI DIGITAL

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