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Shooting Industry February 2011 - Page 46

Industry Industry watch Dealers, Join Us On The Firing Line Russ Thurman G un dealers, we at FMG Publications are inviting you to join us on the firing line at the 2011 Shooting Industry Masters. I’m presenting this invitation because there is a mistaken notion that the Masters is for manufacturers, distributors and others in the industry, but not dealers. That is not correct. Gun dealers, as we have stated many times in Shooting Industry, are vital to the success of the industry. Since the Shooting Industry Masters is an “industry” event, gun dealers are more than welcome. Yes, we’ve had gun dealers at the Masters in the past, but not in the numbers they deserve. The Ninth Annual Shooting Industry Masters will be held July 22-23 at the Rockcastle Shooting Park, Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Ky. The venue is exceptional, as is the hospitality of our hosts. “Our unique shooting sports resort is an ideal setting to bring the industry together,” said Nick Noble, CEO of Rockcastle Shooting Center. “We look forward to welcoming everyone in the industry to participate in some fun shooting events, fantastic awards ceremonies, bask in our southern hospitality and enjoy a beautiful resort.” During two trips to Rockcastle, I’ve experienced that hospitality, and the 2011 Masters is going to be historical. We’ll have two days of shooting, including handgun, rifle and shotgun stages, plus nu- “ Manufacturers and distributors, in addition to your company team(s), why not sponsor another one for your dealers? HK Tortures HK P30 With 91,622 Rounds K, we’re impressed. Early last year, 91,622 rounds were fired through a randomly selected HK P30 9mm in an endurance test conducted by Todd Louis Green, an independent firearms instructor and founder of The final, milestone round was sent downrange after a year of testing with 15 types of ammunition from eight manufacturers. During the test, only these parts wore out or were replaced: Trigger Return Spring (at 19,445 rounds), Sear Spring (at 37,660 rounds), and Firing Pin Spring (at 50,002 rounds). “Even a high-performance luxury car or the toughest 4X4 is going to need fluids changed, and tires, brakes and other high-wear components replaced while it runs to 200,000 or 300,000 miles. Think of an HK pistol in that league. You might pay more initially, but when you factor in total life-cycle cost and the lifetime warranty for civilian shooters, you can’t beat that value,” said Bob Schultz, HK-USA’s director of Training and Technical Services. Also last year, Green torture-tested an HK45, firing 50,000 rounds through the pistol. To view the endurance tests of the HK Point made. HK builds tough guns. P30 and HK45, visit the “Categories” For more information on HK, visit www. section at SI Digital readers, click the Hot Link logo. 46 FEBRUARY 2011 O ” merous side matches. Kentucky will hold an evening reception for the industry on July 21; we’ll hold our 20th Annual Academy of Excellence awards the evening of July 22, and the Masters raffle the evening of July 23. Funds raised at the raffle will again go to NSSF’s First Shots program, which supports all of our businesses — including dealers’ — with the safe introduction of shooters to our ranks. At the last two Masters, we raised $57,000 for First Shots. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? You bet. Dealers, you’re welcome to join us for all of this as part of the Masters. A few dealers have mentioned that the entry fee may be a stumbling block for some retailers. Manufacturers and distributors, in addition to your company team(s), why not sponsor another one for your dealers? Consider the Masters, and all the events surrounding it, a way of saying “thank you” to your ever-important dealer base. For more information, visit www.shootingindustry. com. Also, see page 36 of this issue. I’m always available to talk about the Masters. Call me at 1-888-315-3638. SI DIGITAL Hot Link Continued on page 45 Read SI DIGITAL

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