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Shooting Industry February 2011 - Page 37

STOCKED! N N New Products And Rebates Drive Ammo & Reloading Sales By Carolee Anita Boyles LOCKED& are, they’re going to buy either o matter who your shooting customers ammunition or ammo components, or Manufacturers continue to introduce new products and new sales promotions to help you make the most of your sales. Across the board, you can find new loads, new bullets, new reloading components and new sales incentives for your customers. both. These products are year-in, year-out guaranteed repeat sales — even in a down economy. One company that’s at the forefront of new products is Hornady. Their new products for 2011 include varmint cartridges that have been incorporated into the Superformance line. “We’ve even resurrected what once was one of the most popular varmint cartridges, the .222,” said Steve Hornady, company president. “This new round really gives the caliber new life. The performance is right at .223 performance levels. There are a lot of those guns still out there, and we think people will pull them out of the closet and use them. I haven’t shot my .222 for 10 years, and now I want to take it out and see what it does.” Hornady also has extended the GMX line with the addition of MonoFlex ammunition. “This actually is a GMX with the Flex Tip technology we had before for Flex Tip bullets for our LEVERevolution, so we’ve combined technologies,” Hornady said. “We also have a Flex Tip made with monolithic material, so people in places like Southern California will have the opportunity to shoot guns such as the .30-30 and be in compliance with the laws that require no-lead projectiles.” Hornady says these bullets also are Steve Hornady holds Superformance Varmint, which is new for 2011. Hornady has added numerous products to its ammunition and reloading lines for 2011. Visit www. New Performance Levels Russ Thurman FEBRUARY 2011 37

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