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Shooting Industry February 2011 - Page 36

“ MASTERS It’s Time To Enter Your Team The Shooting Industry Masters is much more than a three-gun shooting match. In fact, it doesn’t even matter how well you shoot. The two-day match offers you a chance to get to know other big shots in the industry, form business alliances, build team bonds and most importantly, support the NSSF’s First Shots program, which introduces new people to the shooting sports. Here’s the best part — you’ll have fun shooting. The combination of pistol, rifle and shotgun events are beginner friendly and shooting-pro challenging. Your shooting scores? Only you and your team will know. We don’t publish scores so you can brag all you want. So clear your calendar for the weekend of July 22-23 and make plans to attend the Ninth Annual Shooting Industry Masters. Linda Powell, Remington SHOOTING INDUSTRY Ninth Annual This is such a great experience. You’ve got everyone from someone in the marketing department to the CEO of a company, so the networking aspect is incredible. ” SU PPORTI NG More Exciting Side Matches in 2011 • • • • • 36 FEBRUARY 2011 Plus Low-Light Cave Shoot Crossbow Concealed Carry Five-Stand Flurry AND MORE om . y.c form r t us ry ind ent g tin nd oo on a h ti .s ww orma w it nf Vis ore i m Read SI DIGITAL for

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