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Upland Gaming Fun .308 chrome-lined bArrel, longer life, eAsier cleAning strAight gAs tUbe resists bending, better Alignment mil std 1913 stAnAg 4694 compliAnt rAil spAce Ar10 mAgAZine compAtible AmbidextroUs sAfetY selector And mAgAZine releAse AdJUstAble sights to fit YoUr reQUirements sopmod collApsing bUttstock, 6 position Arms and the woman P heasants Forever has teamed with GameMill Entertainment to create the first Pheasants Forever-branded Wii video game titled “Pheasants Forever Wingshooter.” For each game sold, GameMill will make a donation to Pheasants Forever’s wildlife habitat conservation efforts. All bArrels And bolts Are proof-tested And mAgnetic-pArticle-inspected to mil-spec stAndArds monolithic rAil design thAt Allows the AbilitY to chAnge bArrel length, operAting sYstems And cAlibers with the tUrn of two locking bolts 7 Qd sling swiVel AttAchment points You Get What You PaY For! That’s why you’ll never see us use statements like “Deal of the Week” or “Lowest Price Ever”. That’s why we prefer to use our ads to point out the features that make Lewis Machine & Tool weapons different from the rest and help you to retain a higher long-term value in your firearm investment. We understand that deals seem appealing, but we also understand what it costs to build the weapon you want by your side for a lifetime. So when you find yourself with your finger on the trigger, you need to decide, do you want a weapon built the way a weapon should be built or do you want a “Deal of the Week”? cAptiVe firing pin with retAining pin 2 stAge electronicAllY recorded trigger impproVed ergo grip LM308MWS In the game, single or multiple shooters can take aim at a variety of upland game birds. Different locations, difficulty levels and firearm options make for a diverse bird-hunting game. For more information, contact Anthony Hauck at (651) 209-4972 or ahauck@ 9 TM Because FaIlure Is not an oPtIon Phone: 309-732-9527 about 50 percent of his clients who take advantage of the gun-cleaning service are women. On Target Guns’ website offers a clear pricing structure, with gun-cleaning services ranging from $50 to $95, depending on the type of gun. Customers can also 4475_ShootingIndustryAd2011_WIP_121610 choose a yearly contract, which offers a substantial discount. For example, customers can choose to have any one gun cleaned 12 times in one year for $125. This strategy guarantees your customer will come into your store at least 12 times a year. Visit On Target Guns’ website at Selling protective cases and storage products goes hand-in-hand with gun cleaning, so be sure to highlight these products whenever cleaning is discussed. 1 Join Us At The Rockcastle Shooting Center For The 2011 FEBRUARY 2011 12/16/10 11:46 AM Shooting Industry Masters! page 36 25

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