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Shooting Industry February 2011 - Page 24

Arms Arms and the woman unting seasons are winding up across the country. It’s time to help your customers make sure their trusty firearms are in tip-top condition for next year’s big hunt. Gun cleaning and storage isn’t the most glamorous aspect of firearm sales or ownership, but it is important. The sheer range of materials and styles of gun storage means there is something for everyone, and the markup on these items usually makes them profitable. Gun-cleaning supplies are bread-and-butter items that bring people into your shop and, hopefully, give them a chance to browse the aisles. The challenge is making gun cleaning and storage seem exciting and fun for women. Lisa Parsons-Wraith Lending Excitement To Storage And Gun Care H ket is color, especially pink. But there are other color and style options on the market for women who are looking to replace or update the case that came with their gun. Ace Case Manufacturing of St. Clair, Mo., offers nylon cases in three eye-popping camo colors — tangerine, pink and “candy.” If camo doesn’t fit your customer’s style, she can choose leopard, zebra or a variety of bright colors. The cases feature a black lining, padding and lockable zippers. Women are also extremely conscious of coordinating and brand loyalty. If the bulk of your lady customers buy Browning shotguns, be sure to carry Browning’s wide variety of gun cases. Brand loyalty also comes into play when you talk about gun cleaning. In ad- Colorful Cases Cleaning Kits The hottest trend in the firearms mar- dition to cases to protect their guns, both Browning and Remington offer guncleaning kits with their logo. Hoppe’s has made it easy for dealers to carry their products with the introduction of a new Dealer Kit for their Elite gun-care product line. The kit features a variety of Hoppe’s Elite products, including Gun Cleaner, Gun Oil, Bore Gel and Foaming Gun Cleaner, all in 4 oz. bottles. The Kit also includes six Hoppe’s Elite Travel Kits and six Tune-Up Kits — a quick and easy way to provide your customers with basic supplies. Promotional materials included in the Dealer Kit are a Hoppe’s Elite blade hook sign, counter mat and 20 Hoppe’s Elite gun-cleaning guides. This kit from Hoppe’s makes it simple for you to order a wide variety of products complete with display. Store firearms in style. Ace Case Manufacturing offers nylon cases in eye-popping camo colors, leopard, zebra and more. Visit How To Bring ’Em In A Consider offering the gun-cleaning course for free, or charge just enough to cover your costs. Range USA in Memgreat way to get women thinking about gun cleaning is to phis, Tenn., offers gun-cleaning classes for free as a goodwill organize a ladies gun-cleaning seminar. It could be a stand- gesture and a way to generate more foot traffic. Low- or noalone short course, or a highlightcost classes will make you look ed portion of your basic handgun like one of the good guys, and introduction class. women will be more likely to If you do a gun-cleaning-only shop in a gun store that gives class, consider holding it in the back to the shooting community. evening with light refreshments. If your customers are deThe more fun and social it sounds, cidedly reluctant to clean their the more likely you are to get parown guns, create a new source ticipants. As part of the seminar, of revenue by selling gunyou could have a “gun fashion cleaning services. On Target show” featuring a variety of fireGuns in Kenner, La., has been arms in colorful cases — a great in business a little over a year, opportunity to promote products and owner John Gauthier says and show new features on guns Hoppe’s new Dealer Kit features a variety of Hoppe’s Elite 15 to 20 percent of his business and accessories. is gun cleaning. He notes that gun-care products. To order, call 1-800-221-9035. FEBRUARY 2011 24 Read SI DIGITAL

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