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Shooting Industry February 2010 - Page 38

“ Offer package deals on ammunition. There’s all kinds of ammunition possibilities available for people who want to go out and have a good time. ever run out of the funds associated with that. So either the retailers don’t know about it or they are not taking the time — and I know everybody’s busy — to stop and evaluate their businesses and see if there’s a way to do something different,” Hanes said. For Remington’s Marketing Co-Op Advertising Guidelines, visit www. For other co-op advertising program can help pay for advertising. “We have a lot of dollars in our advertising co-op budgets that don’t get spent every year. I don’t think we’ve Winchester continues to find success with its For 2010, Federal Premium adds three new Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 Personal Protec- loads to its Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded Tip tion ammunition. For 2010, the company line. There are 29 loads in the line, including adds .380 Auto (95 gr.) and .45 Colt (225 gr.) the new 7mm Rem. Magnum, 7mm WSM to the line. 7mmAM STW.Page 1 185.26562 ShootInd Feb2010 12/2/09and 8:53 companies, contact your distributor — remember, he works for you — and ask about manufacturers’ co-op programs. Hanes says local cable TV stations and newspapers are two great sources for relatively inexpensive advertising. Word of mouth may have been your primary means of advertising up to now — and that is an old tried-and-true strategy — but it may only reach your known “club” of shooters. What about the customer who recently moved into your community? Don’t you think he would love to know about the friendly neighborhood gun dealer a few miles down the road? Do you have a store Web site? Are you utilizing it to its full potential? Are you active in a social network such as Facebook? How about ammo promotions or firearm-ammunition package deals? “Maybe a dealer can work with a wholesaler who is long on some particular load and could cut his price a little bit ” Doug Koenig • 16 Time Masters International Champion • 11 Time Bianchi Cup Champion ike these champions, Starline knows what it takes to become the best. We believe you must take the time to absorb feedback and then enhance your process. It’s the attention to detail that helps Starline make the finest brass, case after case, shot after shot. Let us prove to you what these champions already know, a great shot starts with Starline Brass. CALIBER NEW � UNPRIMED BRASS 38 SPECIAL 357 MAG 357 SIG 40 S&W 10MM 40 SUPER 45 G.A.P. 45 AUTO 45 AUTO RIM 45 COLT 460 MAG 500 S&W MAG (R) Bruce Piatt • 5 Time Bianchi Cup Champion • 16 Time USPSA National Law Enforcement Champion • 5 Time 3-Gun Tactical Match World Champion 30 LUGER 7.62X25 TOKAREV 380 AUTO 9MM 9MM LARGO 9 SUPER COMP (9X23) 38 SUPER 38 SUPER+P 38 SUPER COMP 38 TJ 38 SHORT COLT 38 LONG COLT Todd Jarrett • 9 Time USPSA National Champion • 4 Time IPSC World Champion This is a partial list. Call or check web site for a complete list of products. 1-800-280-6660 or Order factory direct on-line at or call 1-800-280-6660. Proven to Perform 38 FEBRUARY 2010 1300 W. Henry St. • Sedalia, MO 65301 © 2010 Starline Brass Read SI DIGITAL

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