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Shooting Industry February 2010 - Page 28

and their value in self-defense can be readily explained. LaserMax and Crimson Trace are industry leaders, and now SureFire has ramped up production of their X400, which combines a 110-lumen LED with an integrated red laser. Books and videos on self-defense are good sellers. Check out the series of self-defense DVDs by Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, and the new forSabre offers a number of self-defense sprays, including ones used by the New York Police Department. women DVD by Heidi Smith, “Ladies Basic Guide To Concealed Carry.” Visit for more details. Above all, remember that you are your own best self-defense product! Self Defense See Reader Service, page 45, for a listing of self-defense manufacturers. What’s Important Important To To Women? Women? What’s e love our lady customers here,” fect,” McClain said. small, quality .38 Special revolvers. His said Jim McClain, owner of McClain has one last factor he credits top-selling revolvers are Smith & Wesson Jim’s Firearms in Baton Rouge, La. “And for his success. Models 637 and 642. judging from their return and repeat sales, “Primary selling points here are an ex“We don’t just sell a gun to a lady, we they must love us, too.” try to make shooters out of every one,” cellent fit to their hands, simplicity and the McClain says that for several years he said. “Most of them find out it’s a fun, Smith & Wesson reputation,” he said. his self-defense sales to women custom- confidence-building activity, and that McClain said those opting for pistols ers have been steadily growing, and these brings in even more sales!” buy a lot of Glock Model 19s and subcomsales now form a significant percentage of pact Model 26s. Top Sellers At Jim’s Firearms his overall sales. “But the big success story is the Bersa McClain says that after “There are two important factors here,” Thunder .380. Since he explained. “First, like our men custom- showing and discussing a varia gun dealer friend in ers, ladies go where they feel welcome ety of handguns, most women Colorado told me about and respected — but they are even more self-defense customers select them, I’ve sold 500 to loyal than many men. Once they’ve found 600! I’ve never had a rea dealer they like who treats them right, New for 2010 is “Concealed turn or complaint, either they tend not to shop around; saving pen- Carry for Ladies,” a DVD from the — only compliments nies means less to the ladies than trust Thunder Ranch Training Series and positive reports,” does. Trust is the single most important featuring instructor Heidi Smith. McClain said. thing to them.” Tops in ammo sales SI DIGITAL Hot Link How do you gain that trust? are Federal HydraShok “Be absolutely straight with Premium Personal Dethem,” McClain said. “And fense and Hornady’s never be condescending. When a Critical Defense. lady comes in with self-defense “Again, trust and your concerns, she’s serious and has personal recommendagiven it a lot of thought. Ladies tion are important. Ladies want listen really well and ask good the most effective ammo posquestions. And every minute you sible, along with limited recoil, take with a lady customer, eslower penetration and ricochet, pecially those making first-time and less flash and muzzle blast. purchases, is a great investment And, we always talk about the in your business.” wisdom of buying two boxes: This leads us to the second one for practice and one for factor. ‘business.’ I open the boxes “The girlfriend effect! La— some are real nail-busters dies who have a good expe— show the ammo, and I often rience with a dealer — who mark one box ‘for practice’ betrust that dealer — tell all their fore they leave the store,” Mcfriends about it, often bringClain said. ing them in personally to meet “Treat the ladies right, and you and make their own first they’ll return your attention purchases. We’ve made tons tenfold — or better!” Mcof sales from the girlfriend ef- For self-defense, women want the same quality products men do. Clain said. 9 FEBRUARY 2010 “W 28 Read SI DIGITAL

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