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Shooting Industry February 2010 - Page 26

BEST uccess in sales of self-defense products involves many factors, but the highest-value item you can sell to a self-defense customer is yourself. Your informed opinions, experience and commitment to your customer’s safety can mean countless additional sales and steady returns over the years — even over decades. More so than any other kind of customer — hunter, competitive shooter or law enforcement officer — self-defense buyers find personal commitment on your part to be more important than price tags. Dealers continue to report increased demand for firearms associated with home and personal defense, and say lots of cus- TOOL FOR SELF defense? Do you have premium defensive ammunition? Do you offer less-lethal options, such as OC sprays? Do you stock devices like the Taser, as well as accessories, including defense-oriented lights, laser sights, holsters, spare magazines or speedloaders and pouches? Do you carry books or DVDs on personal and home defense? Do you offer information on locally available training? Do you have two self-defense checklists — one for yourself, to assure all your bases are covered, and one for customers, to help them in planning future actions and acquisitions? Robbie Barrkman Yes, You Must Have The Right Products, But The Real Key Is YOU! S tomers are buying their first guns and other self-defense products. Some customers cite concerns about the troubled economy and a possible increase in crime as motivations for purchase. All indications tell us that self-defense sales are strong — and getting stronger — and the greatest profits will be made by dealers who methodically plan to fill those customers’ needs. To increase your self-defense sales, first take a long look around your shop. Are you stocking a variety of handguns and long guns suitable for self- Inventory & Assessment Kahr’s P45, these with Robar upgrades, attract the attention of self-defense customers. 26 FEBRUARY 2010 Read SI DIGITAL

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