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Shooting Industry December 2012 - Page 78

Industry watch Business Is Good t’s challenging to come up with a creative word to describe the present pace of firearms sales. Before the national elections, they were “blistering,” “white hot,” “scorching” and “sizzling.” Now, following the reelection of President Obama and the massive number of customers converging on gun stores, those catchy words seem a bit mild — chilly, even. Firearms sales began setting impressive, sustained records in mid-2010, capped with a 24.5-percent increase in NICS background checks (NSSF adjusted) in December 2011 over December 2010. But consumers were just getting warmed up. In 2012, the increases in background checks are notable by any measure of business. Even the summer slump months produced increases that look more like those of the fall buying season. This year, for the first time in the history of NICS, there were more than one million background checks conducted during five months — and that’s only through October. In October, NICS conducted 1,118,994 (NSSF-adjusted) background checks, a jump of 18.4 percent over October 2011. It was the highest October in the history of NICS, and the 29th straight month of Russ Thurman I background-check increases. November 2012? It will eclipse the highest month in the history of NICS: November 2008 when 1,210,043 background checks (NSSF adjusted) were conducted. That number has already been surpassed, with 1,266,344 checks in February of this year. While there are many who need the possible banning of certain firearms by the president to be the reason for the dramatic surge in sales, that’s not the major motivator. Consumers are more motivated by likely shortages — brought on by those fearing bans — and personal protection. Also there is a good bit of firearm ownership solidarity occurring, which has its foundation in long-time firearm owners, reinforced by a new wave of consumers. These new gun owners, in addition to wanting to protect themselves and their families, have discovered the fun factor of shooting. Are the present robust sales sustainable? Not at the current level, but 2012 will hit historic high marks in sales for most segments of the industry. And that momentum will drive sales well into next year. Yes, business is good. NSSF ADJUSTED: NICS Background Checks — Jan. 2009 — Oct. 2012 Year Jan Feb 91 1,043 Mar 942,288 861,408 Apr 81 7,1 1 8 May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Totals 2009 847,808 662,956 602,1 91 602,353 687 ,252 762,572 841,631 861,575 1,031,344 9,534,1 31 71 8,971 770,310 854,563 945,463 1,1 33,371 9,436,1 82 — — 10,01 7 ,377 2010 715,309 848,036 201 1 784,856 963,746 731,955 625,763 602,908 628,125 990,840 843,484 696,947 679,840 680,258 81 5,858 878,345 945,088 1,101,0761,410,93710,791,275 2012 920,840 1,266,344 1,189,344 931,660 840,412 846,437 853,3551,042,924 1,007 ,2591,1 1 8,994 NSSFResearchDepartmentremovesNICSpurposecodepermitchecksusedbyseveralstatesforCCWpermitapplicationchecksand Business Building In 2013 2013 NEW PRODUCT SHOWCA SE H: NT ap, MO w M ! XT ho ors NE OT S hibit H x S E T his issue of Shooting Industry begins our New Business Year. Yes, it’s still 2012, but 2013 is our focus. This issue launches our look at next year, with dealers sharing what they’re doing to maximize 2013. Next month, we’ll share the views of industry leaders, who see 2013 as a great year for business, but one that will have its share of challenges. In the December and January issues, our New Product Showcases present hundreds of the newest offerings from companies throughout the industry. These showcases, along with this month’s updated The Universe’s Greatest Buyer’s Guide and our SHOT Show information, provide readers with invaluable tools for building their businesses. In the January issue, we will publish the SHOT Show Exhibitors Guide and insert our “I can really read this” SHOT Show Floor Map. To get your own copy of Shooting Industry every month, subscribe to our all-digital edition. It’s free. All the articles and advertisements that are in the printed version are in the all-digital edi- tion, plus, you get bonus features. There are hundreds of hotlinks in 2013 New every digital edition, giving you Bus iness Year access to company websites and, through our Product Index feature, hundreds of articles on products I carry. published in all the magazines of FMG Publications. carry on RELOADED! In addition, our all-digital edi- The Univer se’s tions are ageless — readers con- GREATEST tinue to read the Internet-based BUYER’S GUIDE publications year after year. This provides a valuable resource for Dealers Only dealers and bonus exposure for Giveaway! SI DIGITAL our advertisers. Hot Link To subscribe, visit www. and click “Digital Editions.” pg. 29 SHOOTING INDUSTRY • NEW DECEMBER 2012 Dealers Re-Brand To Create Success! BUSINESS YEAR • 2013 SHOT 4 Value For Attendee s 1 High-Tech Tools 2 State Of The Industry 3 Retailer Education At Taurus, we’re making the gun industry better because we’re making better guns. It’s our challenge. It’s our responsibility. It’s my promise. 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