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Shooting Industry December 2012 - Page 10

Industrynews By Russ Thurman The Economy & Personal Defense — pg. 22 Post Election: Industry Remains Vigilant, Sales Soar T we are, and if it gets tough, we stand together and fight for what he national elections are over and the industry, for the most we know is right,’” Hall said. part, is taking a “now back to business” approach, while maintaining a vigilant posture. While the reelection of Sales Surge The reelection of the president did set in motion a surge of President Obama presents concerns over anti-gun efforts, indusbuying, as firearm dealers reported massive numbers of custry leaders don’t believe it will be a priority. “No matter who got elected, the main problems society faces tomers converging on their stores. Sales rivaled — and in many are the economy and the debt, and that’s got to get under control. cases, exceeded — those of 2008. Some dealers reported selling I think the administration will realize that, and Congress has a lot more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition a day. However, consumers were not primarily motivated by fear to think about other than firearms control legislation. So, I don’t think that’s going to be a top priority,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF of firearms being banned, according to Miles E. Hall of H&H Shooting Sports Complex in president and CEO. Oklahoma City. He reported “I don’t believe we’ll see on the sales of P-20 dealers any overwhelming threats throughout the country. against the industry because “‘Panic’ does not seem we have basically the same to be the correct word to debalance of power between scribe matters, but rather the the House, in control of the Travis Hall, Browning president and CEO guest (customer) is focused, Republicans, and the Senate, and trying to stay one step in control of the Democrats,” ahead of what is perceived to be a shortfall of products coming said Steve Hornady, Hornady Manufacturing president. The industry, however, should not become complacent, Hor- down the pike, and a concern for their own safety,” Hall said. The sales of black guns — modern sporting rifles — are not as nady said. “We have to be vigilant about regulatory assaults on us. This strong as they were in 2008, according to Hall. “Handguns are leading the race — with three or four handadministration has demonstrated and has avowed that they are not particularly friendly to the firearms industry, so I think there are guns to each long gun sold — at this time. We all feel that sportsome risks going forward that they could use executive powers of ing rifles are going to be a bigger deal as word of potential bans gets out,” Hall said. the government,” Hornady said. Consumers are not just buying, they are shooting, Hall said. Travis Hall, Browning president and CEO, said the industry “For those with ranges, it is standing room only. H&H is at must continue to work together to counter any anti-gun attacks, capacity minutes after the opening bell. All ranges reporting to and to present the positive side of the shooting sports. “We’ve got to be positive and we’ve got to say, ‘This is who me have similar stories,” Hall said. If it gets tough, we stand together and fight for what we know is right. Ruger Sales Jump 47 Percent In Third Quarter turm, Ruger & Co. (NYSE:RGR) reports third-quarter 2012 sales of $118.2 million and fully diluted earnings of 88 cents per share, compared with net sales of $80.5 million and fully diluted earnings of 56 cents per share in the third quarter of 2011. For the nine months ending Sept. 29, 2012, net sales were $350.1 million and fully diluted earnings were $2.58 per share. For the corresponding period in 2011, net sales were $235.6 million and fully diluted earnings were $1.55 per share. The 62-percent increase in third-quarter earnings was driven by the 47-percent growth in sales and ongoing improvements in operations, said Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO. “New product introductions were a significant component of our sales growth, as new product sales represented $130.3 million, or 38 percent of sales, in the first nine months of 2012,” S Fifer said. Fifer said the demand for Ruger products outpaced the growth in the industry as measured by NICS background checks for the third quarter and the nine months ending Sep. 29, 2012. In the first nine months of 2012, NICS (NSSF-adjusted) background checks increased 21 percent, while, according to Fifer, the number of Ruger units sold by distributors to retailers increased 60 percent. For the third quarter, the ratio was a 22-percent NICS increase vs. a 62-percent Ruger increase. For more information, visit www. Visit Us At SHOT Show Booth # 16327 10 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE 2013

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