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Shooting Industry December 2012 - Page 1

2013 NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE New Business Year Dealers Re-Brand To Create Success! 2013 DECEMBER 2012 I carry. 4 Value For Attendees 1 High-Tech Tools 2 State Of The Industry 3 Retailer Education At Taurus, we’re making the gun industry better because we’re making better guns. It’s our challenge. It’s our responsibility. It’s my promise. : TH p , ON a M w M s! XT ho tor NE OT S hibi SH Ex RELOADED! carry on Taurus President & CEO GREATEST BUYER’S GUIDE 4 Website Showcase 4 Industry Directory 4 Products & Services 4 Distributors Guide The Universe’s Dealers Only Giveaway! pg. 29 /mypromise

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