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Industrywatch good part of our business. Certainly putting the AccuTrigger into the bolt-action rimfires a number of years gave it a big boost. Today, we’re the largest rimfire producer in the world,” Herrick said. Savage will introduce four “volume drivers” for 2012, Herrick reports. “We’re bringing out a left-handed Axis rifle — no one else has an entrylevel price-point, left-handed gun,” Herrick said. “Another real volume driver is a scaled-down rimfire, bolt-action singleshot called the Rascal. We’ve also teamed up with Nikon and have three package guns, with 3-9x40 scopes with BDC reticles. The fourth volume driver is a pump gun from China. Last year, we brought in a model that was a bit heavy. This version has an alloy frame that is going to be very competitively priced.” Herrick says the nation’s poor economy will not challenge the industry. “If the economy was going to impact the industry, it would have done that already. While it’s going to go up and down and have gyrations, I think it’s going to have an overall trend upward. All in all, we’re looking for a great year,” Herrick said. In the January issue, dealers will share their views on 2012, along with their recommendations for success in the new business year. Email the Editor M+M Delivers Profit-Making Rifles ealers, here’s a solid recommendation: Check out the M10 AK-style rifles from Colorado Gun Sales. Imported by M+M Inc. from Romania, the rifles are manufactured entirely from new parts, including a Tapco RAZR muzzle brake with integral flash hider; polymer Tapco buttstock; Hogue pistol grip; Tapco singlehook G2 trigger group; 30-round, double-stack ProMag polymer magazine and Tapco AK retaining plate. The barrels are cold hammer forged and chrome lined. The windage-adjustable, RPK-style rear sights are graduated to 1,000 meters, and the iron front sight are also adjustable. For more details and for dealer and distributor information, call 1-888-236-2619 or email: Also, visit SI DIGITAL Hot Link If you are attending SHOT Show, see the M10 rifles at the Michael Meier, president of Colorado Gun Sales, shows off Colorado Gun Sales booth, #2609. the M10 rifle. Meet Meier at the SHOT Show, booth #2609. D NASGW Expo Hits A-Rating C Visit Us At SHOT Show I f you’re attending SHOT Show 2012, stop at our FMG Publications booth, #16327. We’d like to shake your hand and get your thoughts on what you think are the hot new products for 2012. At our booth, we will be distributing extra copies of Shooting Industry’s New Business Year editions and our “I can really read this” SHOT Show Floor Map. ongratulations to NASGW for an excellent and well-run 2011 Expo and Annual Meeting in early November. Every aspect of the event was presented in an impressive manner. Salutes go out to Maurice (Moe) Desmarais, who as president and secretary, made numerous changes to the event, which paid dividends for those attending. Salutes also go out to those receiving NASGW’s 2011 Industry awards: • Chairman’s Award: Hewitt Grant, Chairman, United Sporting Companies. • Optics Manufacturer of the Year: Leupold & Stevens • Accessories Manufacturer of the Year: Birchwood Casey • Ammunition Manufacturer of the Year: Hornady Manufacturing • Firearms Manufacturer of the Year: Sturm, Ruger & Co. For more information on NASGW, visit or email: We’ll have full coverage of the NASGW Expo and Annual Meeting in the February edition of Shooting Industry. Top Dealers Form Second Peer Group iles Hall, founder and president of the impressive H&H Shooting Sports Complex in Oklahoma City, Okla., reports that a second P-20 group of dealers is now in operation. Hall is also the cofounder of the Peer groups, which assist its dealer members in growing their businesses and profits, and in making better business decisions. About a dozen of the nation’s best and up-and-coming dealers are in the second P-20 group, Hall says. Along with the first P-20 group, the dealers now represent over $100 million in combined retail sales. Many of the dealers have received retailer of the year awards and/or the coveted Five Star rating for ranges from NSSF. “These are some of the most innovative and inspiring dealers in the country,” said Richard Sprague, leader and cofounder of the first P-20 group. “We are excited to see what the future holds for these Performance Oriented Dealers.” Sprague is the president and CEO of Sprague’s Sports Inc., in Yuma, Ariz. For more information on P-20 and the forming of the third P-20 group, contact Hall at (405) 947-3888, ext. 111, or email: 9 M 2012 NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE 2012 • Visit Us At Booth # 16327 Las Vegas, Nev. • Jan. 17-20, 2012 75 NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE 2012 • 81

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