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Shooting Industry December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 73

River Rock Designs Down-N-Dirty Outdoors he TecTrek Headlamp is a weatherproof, O-ring protected, polycarbonate headlamp that projects a 125-lumen LED white light. Red, blue and green color modes are available, and red can be switched to an SOS signal mode. Additionally, TecTrek can emit a red or white fast-flash strobe for signaling, and features a batterysaving reduced light mode. Headlamp includes adjustable focus and dimming features. Headband is a 1-inch wide adjustable elastic strap with length to fit spelunker helmets. Weight is 3.4 ozs. including batteries. T (270) 755-4300 own-N-Dirty’s Haintägobble handheld call reproduces a loud, resounding gobble of a dominant long-beard wild turkey. The easy-to-use Haint produces the identical sound, pressure, volume and force that naturally resonates from a turkey. Call is made from a one-piece walnut barrel with a hand-tuned reed assembly. D ThermaCELL 1-866-753-3837 hermaCELL Heated Insoles provide remote-controlled foot-warming comfort. A wireless remote allows users to turn the insoles on or off, and choose between two different temperature settings. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles are customizable to fit a variety of shoe sizes, last for up to five hours of continuous use and are waterproof. The lightweight, soft-cushion design provides additional shock absorption. T T See us at SHO Booth# 16144 O N I H R ! N O I T U L O REV www.MKS m IT’S A Black Rhi DE AL ER TO DAY. Stainless & N UR LO CA L GU CO NTAC T YO nos Available Now! iappa Rhino nology, the Ch ber. ch te s m ar re bottom cham novation in The newest in er that shoots through the o lv vo avity, the Rhin re ly is the on er center of gr .357 rounds w lo a d an ok ristic lo ooters Sporting a futu gun for recoil sensitive sh nd ha t ec rf pe e is th il, rd .38 ammo! likes MORE reco ! feel like standa of person who DAY nd ki TO e O th IN re H u’ R ER YOUR So unless yo D R O u. yo r fo e gun the Rhino is th 73 NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE 2012 •

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