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Shooting Industry December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 41

Outside Forces Are Unpredictable I nternational factors, including financial calamity, have a major impact on the industry, according to Steve Hornady, president of Hornady Ammunition. “I told some people not too long ago that when my dad was running this business in the ’70s and we were looking at copper costs, we knew what our cost structure was going to be and it wouldn’t change much from year-to-year,” Hornady said. “Now, if you have an oil spike in Libya, it drives copper down in Zaire and as a consequence, the price of raw materials in the United States shoots up.” This requires companies to pay close attention to international markets and events, Hornady said. “They can have a totally unpredictable effect on what happens to us in the United States — whether it’s the economy in the form of interest or money rates, whether banks in Europe are struggling because Greece is struggling, which causes banks in the United States to get nervous, which causes capital to dry up, which means people can’t build homes, go to work and so on. “When I talk to our customers, they’re still doing well, selling ammo, selling guns; they’re selling.” Steve Hornady, president of Hornady Ammunition “To top it off, it’s an election year, and with all of the vitriol and baloney that will be spread upon the masses by both parties, who knows what effect that will have on our customers,” Hornady said. Despite all these factors, “it appears our consumers are continuing to consume,” Hornady said. “We just see more people shooting and going to shooting events than ever before, and I think we’re going to see that continue. I don’t think the travails of this economy will impact us; I think the effect has already been built into our market, and I don’t see a whole lot of change. But, again, those outside forces are unpredictable,” Hornady said. For 2012, Hornady predicts the market will be similar to 2011. “There will be some ups and downs, and you’ll see little shifts here and there, but we think we’re doing okay, and we’re obviously doing some things to grow our side of the business. When I talk to our customers, they’re still doing well, selling ammo, selling guns; they’re selling. One product area may dry out, but then another gets better. New products come out, and customers come in and they’ve ‘gotta have that,’” Hornady said. Visit Us At SHOT Show Booth # 16327 Kahr Arms is pleased to kick off their newest series of Kahr pistols - the CM series. The new line begins with the Kahr CM9093 which is based on Kahr’s most popular 3” barrel 9mm model the PM9093. The CM9 slide is only .90 inch wide and machined from solid 416 stainless slide with a matte finish, each gun is shipped with one 6 rd stainless steel magazine with a flush baseplate. Magazines are USA made, plasma welded, tumbled to remove burrs and feature Wolff Gunsprings. The magazine catch in the polymer frame is all metal and will not wear out on the stainless steel magazine after extended use. Kahr offers the CM series at a great value price but did not compromise on the features, accuracy or reliability found in all Kahr pistols. Now Shipping CM40!! Model: CM9093 MSRP: $517.00 (CM9093 & CM4043) Factory: 130 Goddard Memorial Drive, Worcester, MA 01603 Sales & Service: 508-795-3919 / Fax: 508-795-7046 Web Address: NEWBUSINESSYEARSUPERISSUE2012 • 7 rd. Extended magazine optional Made in the U.S.A. 41

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