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Shooting Industry December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 40

“I New Year Offers Great Opportunity go hunting,” Taylor said. During a weak economy, Taylor says there’s a different motivating factor for purchasing firearms. “It seems to me that during tough economic times, there is an opposite effect because people may be concerned about negative things happening and, therefore, they feel motivated to invest in self-defense guns. So, I think there’s a different motivation, and it breaks down by category, with hunting being the most affected, while other firearm categories are motivating different segments within the customer base,” Taylor said. Taylor believes the 2012 national election will have a positive impact on business. “You can look at it two ways. One, look at historical data; typically, in a normal situation, elections are good for the industry. Two, with so much uncertainly, I see it as an absolutely motivating situation in terms of purchasing,” Taylor said. Don’t look for much anti-gun rhetoric in the months leading up to the election, Taylor said. “I think the left side of the political equation has learned it is not a good position to take during an election. While it may not be discussed much during the election cycle, if the anti-gun side wins, then there will be a tremendous amount of discussion about anti-gun legislation,” Taylor said. Mossberg will continue to be aggressive in 2012, with new products and programs. “Most importantly, we’re continuing to work hard on our new product cycle,” Taylor said. “We’re also going very hard and fast with self-defense products, a new category for our company. We will continue our Triple Crown Program, with four pretty exciting components for the dealer and sales associates. “We’re very focused on making sure the consumer knows what we’re about, what Mossberg stands for and that we’re developing a tremendous amount of new products — and there are a lot of good things happening at Mossberg.” think 2012 presents us with a great opportunity. Based on historical patterns going into an election year, we’re very optimistic. We’re hearing that from distribution, and we’re hearing it from retail,” said Tom Taylor, Mossberg vice president of sales and marketing. “There are some segments that are soft. The hunting market continues to be somewhere between soft and very average. That probably is the one area that presents challenges. By and large, I think everybody can be pretty optimistic going into the year, and certainly as we roll into the election.” Is the industry immune to the effects of a poor economy? “I don’t like the word ‘immune,’ because you do see its impact in certain areas with people who need to spend money to “I think everybody can be pretty optimistic going into the year, and certainly as we roll into the election.” Tom Taylor, Mossberg vice president of sales and marketing The Bidding Starts Now.® Don’t limit your business to customers in your local selling area.® has more than 3 million customers nationwide. Getting started is fast and easy – we can help you get firearms appraised, manage your photos and monitor your auctions. Come see what the World’s Largest Online Auction of Firearms and Accessories™ can do for your business, only at 40 CLIENT: Read SI DIGITAL PRODUCTION: Dan •NEWBUSINESSYEARSUPERISSUE2012

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