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Shooting Industry December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 22

Defense Personal Defense Market Massad Ayoob Help Your Customers Give The Gift Of Responsibility hristmas is upon us, traditionally the be horrified that a firearm might be con- Brady who got in trouble with her fan base boon season in American retailing. sidered a suitable gift in the season of a few years ago when she bought a rifle as Some sellers insist the rest of the “peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.” a gift for her son. year is subsistence, and Christmas is when Of course, that would be the same Sarah Before we leave the subject of Mrs. they make their profit. Of Brady, let’s examine a lescourse, retail firearms dealers son we can learn from her aren’t just “some sellers.” experience. (No, I don’t Some of us are old mean the lesson of hypocenough to remember when risy.) Newspaper pundits late-in-the-year editions of and gun enthusiasts alike gun magazines and sporting wondered why she wasn’t publications would overflow arrested for making the with ads depicting Santa dreaded “straw man purClaus setting a shotgun chase” — buying a gun for among the Christmas gifts, someone else. or a kid opening a box with You know buying a his first .22 under the tree. firearm as a gift is not a Sadly, we don’t see that so crime. But there are many much now. people who would love to Public school teachers, come into your shop and the media and other forces purchase firearms as gifts have demonized firearms — but they don’t, because in the public eye. The Sarah A defensive handgun for Christmas, like this XD 45 Tactical from Springfield they have doubts about the Bradys of the world seem to Armory, can be the gift of life. legal aspects. C Gift Certificates Take The Worry Out he easiest way to take the worry out of Dad buying a gun for his son or daughter? The time-tested, reliable gift certificate. There are several advantages with this approach. • No exchanges. How many times have you had to exchange a gun because the buyer bought the wrong one for the gift recipient? With a gift certificate, the recipient of the present picks their own firearm, saving you and your staff the time and hassle of a later exchange. The gift recipient, of course, also benefits by ending up with the product they really want. • No paperwork confusion. The person receiving the gift is the one who fills out the 4473. No muss, no fuss, no confusion. It sounds silly to us — heck, it would sound silly to any logical and fair-minded person — but mayors in New York and Chicago, T “ 22 It’s obviously wise to advertise to the people who are going to be purchasing the gifts. Don’t neglect, though, to advertise to the people who want them. and others, have taught us recently that logic and fair-mindedness don’t necessarily come into play when politically motivated officials choose to harass law-abiding gun dealers. • Convenience. It’s easier for the gift buyer. The gift certificate is about a 1-ounce present. A duck gun, complete with box, may be about a 10-pound present. • Peace of mind. Mainly, it takes away the anxiety from the uneducated buyer. He or she has not bought a firearm, per se. The gift certificate makes it easier for that kind of customer to buy a gun for someone for Christmas. The gift certificate can be an important “deal-maker” for your business. We must never forget the old axiom — “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door” — only works if the world knows you have that superior mousetrap, and the world knows where to find your door. So — definite sales tip here — be sure to advertise that your gun shop has gift certificates available for Christmas. It’s obviously wise to advertise to the people who are going to be purchasing the gifts. Don’t neglect, though, to advertise to the people who want them. It’s a truth of advertising in Continued on page 24 Advertise In Two Directions Read SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE 2012

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