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Shooting Industry December 2010 - Page 85

Industrywatch American Handgunner Magazine Celebrates 35 Years Of Quality Jeff John O Fiocchi’s New “Tracer Shotshell” Offers Great Training, Shooting Fun ur sister magazine, American Handgunner, celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2011 — and it has been quite a history. It was the first magazine devoted entirely to handguns — and it was projected to fail. From that first edition, which (oh, my goodness!) featured a handgun — a S&W Model 36 — on the cover, to the January/ February 2011 issue, American Handgunner has established the benchmark by which all other gun magazines are measured. “I think the big difference is every time we do anything around here, from a simple photo to a complicated story, or even launching a new magazine like American COP, there’s always one word that comes up early in the process — quality. And we don’t just talk about it or fool ourselves, we mean it and strive for it,” said Roy Huntington, editor of American Handgunner and publisher of FMG’s commercial and L.E. publications. To take a memory trip through American Handgunner’s 35 years, see the January/February 2011 issue. To sign up for a free subscription to the magazine’s alldigital edition, visit www. SI DIGITAL Hot Link Jeff John, the editor of GUNS Magazine, sent us these photos of Fiocchi Ammunition’s new Chemical Tracer Shotshell in action. That’s Carlo Fiocchi, Fiocchi’s vice president of sales and marketing, holding the new 12-gauge Chemical Tracer. Its non-pyrotechnic capsule has been “activated.” Developed in conjunction with Cyalume Technologies Holding, the new shotshell is a great training aid, providing shooters a visible indication of where the shot is going, even in daylight. The new Chemical Tracer Shotshell is part of Fiocchi’s new Canned Heat line. Visit Hunting Purchases Hold Steady he sluggish economy and high unemployment did not deter the spending habits of hunters in 2010, according to Southwick Associates. The company reports that when asked (via if they were buying more, less or about the same amount of gear this year when compared to 2009, 40 percent of hunters said the amount they purchased remained the same. That compares to 40.1 percent, when asked the same question in 2009. The number of hunters expecting to spend more in 2010 dropped only slightly to 19.8 percent, from 21.6 percent the previous year. Of those anticipating fewer purchases, 35.7 percent said they would be spending less, compared to 33.5 percent in 2009. “This is decent news for sporting goods manufacturers and retailers. While it appears a slow economic recovery is preventing some sportsmen from rushing out and spending at levels seen in 2007, it appears sales in 2010 will fare rather well, given the softness seen in other retail sectors,” said Rob Did Hunters Buy More Or Less In 2010 Than In 2009? Southwick, president of Southwick Associates. “Once we get through the hunting season and holidays, we’ll know for sure.” For more information, visit www. Do Not Know Same More Less southwickassociates. SI DIGITAL Visit com. Hot Link T SSF reports that overall U.S. quarterly imports of all sporting arms and ammunition dropped 22 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period last year. During the period of July through September, imports totaled $262.6 million, down from $336.9 million for the period in 2009. Shotguns showed a 19.9-percent increase from $36 million to $43.1 million. The muzzleloaders category showed a 9-percent decline from $5.5 million to $5 million, followed by the ammunition category (excluding shotshell) posting a 12.2-percent decrease from $106.6 million to $93.6 million. Handgun imports were down 32 percent from $135.9 million to $92.3 million, while rifle imports dropped 43 percent from $44.6 million to $25.4 million. Shotshell imports declined 62.2 percent for the quarter from $8.3 million to $3.1 million. For more information, visit www.nssf. org/research. 9 Firearm, Ammo Imports Drop In Third Quarter N Visit Us At SHOT Show Booth # 16329 NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE 2011 • 85

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