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Shooting Industry December 2010 - Page 80

The Freedom Group’s Retailer 3S Mini Grand: Supporting The Independent Story & Photos By Shari LeGate Dealer I n these fast-paced times, dealers are often caught in a quandary: “Too busy doing business to do business.” But there are occasions when it’s important to stop conducting regular day-to-day business to learn what can best increase long-term business. The annual Freedom Group’s Retailer 3S Mini Grand event is one of those occasions. In August, the Freedom Group’s family of companies converged at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta, Ill., to spend quality time with their dealers. The Freedom Group family of companies includes Remington, DPMS/Panther Arms, Barnes Bullets, Bushmaster, Parker Gunmakers, Dakota Arms, Advanced Armament, Marlin, EOTAC, H&R 1871 and Mountain Khakis. “This event was developed as a way to get dealers to sit down with us, to understand our products, to understand who we are and handle our products in a setting that’s not SHOT Show, NASGW or in their stores,” said Scott Blackwell, Freedom Group chief sales officer. The first day of the two-day event was comprised of presentations and discussions in classroom sessions, which featured products from Remington, their many licensees and other Freedom Group brands. It was an opportunity for dealers to talk one-on-one with the people who make and know the product. The second day, dealers headed to the range to shoot guns and test ammunition. Chris Cole, merchandise director for AcuSport, displayed exclusive Remington guns dealers can buy only through AcuSport. “We appreciate the fact the Freedom Group supports the independent dealer, and we want to give the dealer the opportunity to shoot those guns. It’s important to us the dealer has an opportunity to try the product — and this is one of the few events where that can actually happen,” Cole said. “Any kind of production educa- tion is beneficial for dealers, and any information they glean is going to help them sell the product better.” For more information on AcuSport’s exclusive Remington products, visit www. Zach Roach and Mike Phillips from Paducah Shooter’s Supply in Paducah, Ky., spent time talking with reps. “There is so much good information available,” said Roach, gun buyer at Paducah. “It’s a lot of hands-on time, versus other events, where you see the guns and handle them, but don’t actually go out and shoot them. This isn’t just a sales pitch. It’s learning information so you can sell your product and better your business.” Phillips, Paducah gun salesman, concurred. “You get the information from the guys who are building the products we’re out there selling,” he said. “It’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth. When you receive information like that, you’re confident you’re passing along what customers need to hear.” “Plus, you’re getting face time with the people you talk with over the phone every day, building business relationships, putting a face with a name,” Roach added. “You’re doing the networking that helps build better business down the road. You get a wealth of information here that’s really hard to come across anywhere else.” Al Rothweiler, owner of Mid America Arms in St. Louis, Mo., has attended all three 3S Mini Grand events. “I come every year to stay on top of what’s new, to better understand what’s different, and to pick up more knowledge to take back to my employees to build and go forward,” Rothweiler said. “The biggest Better Your Business Dealers had the opportunity to test products and ammunition, and ask questions, for a complete hands-on experience. 80 80 Read Read SI SI DIGITAL DIGITAL ••NEW NEWBUSINESS BUSINESSYEAR YEARSUPER SUPERISSUE ISSUE2011 2011

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