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Shooting Industry December 2010 - Page 72

2011New Products Alpine Archery (208) 746-4717 F1 Fireball Buck Wear (410) 646-6400 T he Alpine Archery Blush is lightweight with an IBO speed of 290 fps at 27" draw length. It is offered in pink camo with rosewood grip with an antique finished emblem on the riser. The Concorde features a 40" axle-to-axle length and 8.125" brace height set on a machined aluminum riser and 13" limb design. It comes with an adjustable draw length of 27" to 31", draw weights of 50 and 60 lbs. and the Velocitec cam system. The bow features a rosewood grip, an IBO rating of 315 fps and is available with white riser/black limbs or black on black. The F1 Fireball is fitted with the Velocitec cam with Dynamic Load Balancing Technology, with a forged riser finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo. It features brown hardware, antiqued medallion and rosewood grip, with a speed of 337 fps. The 2011 Jim Shockey Signature Series Lil Guff features a machined aluminum riser with Power Tuff limbs and Radial Force A cams. It has 7" of draw adjustments of 17" to 23", and weight range of 10 to 35 lbs. The bow is 32" overall with a maneuverable 28" axle-to-axle length and weighs 2.5 lbs. It is for children aged 5 to 12, and is available in black/bronze and black/pink camo. he Buck Wear Impaled (zippered) Hoodie is made of 80/20 cotton/ poly fleece, and features a drawstring hood design lined with Realtree camo. A zippered front showcases a buck impaling a skull intertwined with a red ribbon reading the Latin inscription: “Ego iuguolo cervus pro victus,” which means, “I kill deer for food/life.” Available in size medium through XXL. T Disse Gear 1-888-854-5605 Cass Creek Calls isse Gear introduces the Celo 1ed and Celo 2ed Shoulder Carry Bags. The Celo 1ed Compact and Multi-Functional Carry Bag features five zippered pockets, a pouch with a quick-release buckle, rows of extra webbing, two D-rings and ID holder. The Celo 2ed Full Size and Multi-Functional Carry Bag offers four larger zippered pockets, a pouch with a quick-release buckle, an adjustable rifle magazine-style side pouch and an adjustable top pouch. Both are constructed using UTX buckles, YKK zippers, functional nylon webbing, high-strength nylon stitching and rugged 1000D Nylon. D 1-800-891-3660 LaserMax 1-800-527-3703 aserMax’s Uni-Max Micro is ideal for compact and sub-compact pistols with an accessory rail used for CCW. The ambidextrous tap on/off activation will not hang up or snag when holstered or carried in bag, pocket or belt. A 10-minute timeout feature preserves the life of the battery, which has over 5 hours runtime. 72 L he MegaAmp from Cass Creek Calls features an oversized, extreme volume speaker system to project calls greater distances. The point-and-play design and simple trigger-pull operation features an “instant interrupt” to control sound and direction. Authentic animal sounds are recorded live in the natural environment from the animal in different situations. The first model is the Mega Amp Coyote Call. T Read SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE 2011

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