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Shooting Industry December 2010 - Page 62

2011New Products Heritage Mfg. (305) 685-5966 eritage Mfg. introduces the 9-shot .22 LR and .22 Magnum Rough Rider revolvers, which feature a flatsided hammer with a choice of cocobolo, white or black mother of pearl or green camo laminate grips. Finish options include silver satin, matte black, low-gloss black satin or case hardened. Rough Riders are 100-percent American made. H American Tactical Imports 1-800-290-0065 Harness the power of the world-wide-web to bring new customers to your door. Increase Your Sales Offer Customers A Fully Stocked ONLINE STORE Now Your Website Can Offer Over 10,000 Products he FX45 Series includes five .45 ACP 1911 pistols from Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines. The FX Military weighs 2.31 lbs. and has a 5" barrel, all steel parts, solid mahogany grips and 8+1 magazine capacity. The FX GI has the same features, weighs 2 lbs. and has a 4.25" barrel. The FX Thunderbolt weighs 2.4 lbs. and has a 5" barrel, with chrome steel parts, Picatinny rail, 8+1 magazine capacity, mahogany textured grips and white dot LPA Bomar sights. The Titan Blue and the Titan Stainless each weigh 1.76 lbs. and have 3.13" barrels, two-stage recoil spring systems, 7+ 1 magazine capacity and mahogany grips. The latest member of the German Sporting Guns family, the GSG-1911 in .22 LR, features 10-round capacity, 5" barrel, 5 lb. trigger and threaded barrel. It is available with classic wood grips and black polymer grips. The Varmint Killer VK-22 is available FX45 in Original and Tactical. The Original VK22 features a multi-caliber Mil-Spec lower receiver paired with a Chiappa Firearms .22 LR upper receiver featuring a Picatinny rail, 16" barrel and 1x16 rate of twist. The Tactical VK-22 comes with a Quad Rail forend with rail covers, vertical foregrip and rear sight. Both have a collapsible stock and include a 28- or 10-round magazine. T ISSC-Austria DISTRIBUTOR CATALOG (413) 967-3767 62 Call Today for a Free Consultation and Online Demo Toll Free: 1-800-699-0820 - Distributor Product & Inventory Link - One-Click-To-Ship - Custom Design & Branding SSC-Austria introduces the ISSC Modern Sporting Rifle, the MK22 in .22 LR. Engineered and precision built in Austria, it incorporates the look and feel of a militarystyle rifle with a modern sporting rifle. The all-metal rifle delivers a “centerfire” feel, and features variable and folding open sight, Picatinny-style quad-rail and collapsible stock with adjustable cheekpiece. Weighing 7-plus lbs., the MK22 has an overall length of 35.16". Round capacity ranges from 10 to 22 shot. I Read SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE 2011

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