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Shooting Industry December 2010 - Page 61

Legacy Sports International 1-800-5-LEGACY T pads on the forend and pistol grip, SMART valve gas pistons and FAST loading systems. The Extreme is offered in black synthetic he Citadel LE Tactical Shotguns come in four models: Spec- stock, chambered for 3" and 3 1/2" Magnum Pietta 1873 Ops, Talon, Pistol Grip with Heat Shield and Standard. All rounds, and available with 26" and 28" barrels Millennium feature a lightweight receiver, 7+1 magazine capacity, 20" barrel, in 12- and 20-gauge. Youth model available. ergonomic forend, quick feed short stroke pump and rifle-style Escort Slug shotguns in semiauto and pump models feature a sights. The Spec-Ops model features the BLACKHAWK! Spec- built-in cantilever with fiber optic front and rear sights, 1:26" fast Ops stock and 4" LOP. The Talon features a BLACKHAWK! twist rifled barrels made by Badger Barrels and are designed for skeletonized thumbhole stock, and 13 1/2" LOP. The Pistol Grip saboted slugs, with cut rifling. Youth model available. and Standard models offer a traditional synthetic stock with a Howa detachable stick magazines are available in 10-round fixed 13 1/2" LOP. Built in the USA. versions for the .223 and .308 Howa M-1500 and Weatherby VanThe Citadel M-1 Carbine is a reproduction built to the speci- guard. Available for aftermarket conversions only, the magazines fications of the carbine used by G.I.s in both theaters of war in include a triggerguard housing to replace the existing floorplate. WWII, and Korea. Chambered in .22 LR, the M-1 carbine weighs Howa is now equipping each barreled action with the Actua4.8 lbs., and is built by Chiappa of Italy. The Citadel M-1 features tor trigger system, which eliminates trigger creep and lightens an OAL of 35", barrel length of 18", with a semiauto, blowback trigger pull. The system features a two-stage trigger, direct sear action, 6-groove, 1:16" ROT barrel and adjustable rear sight and lock and allows for a let off between 2.5 and 3.8 lbs. The Actuafixed front sight, with a magazine capacity of 5, 10 or 15 rounds. tor will fit all Howa M-1500 rifles. Escort teamed with HiViz sights and Hevi-Shot choke tubes to Made by F.A.P. Pietta of Italy, the Millennium revolver feacreate the Escort Extreme, which features the addition of non-slip grip tures the same internals as all other Pietta Western-style revolvers, with a matte black finish with matte (unpolished) brass backstrap and triggerguard. Offered in .45 Colt or .357 MagEscort Extreme num with wood grips and 5 1/2" barrel. New h UNprimed h BraSS CaliBer Once your customers discover the value of reloading with Starline brass, you know they’ll be back for more. QUALITY Starline brass is American made and backed with a national marketing campaign. Customers ask for Starline by name. INNOVATION SERVICE With more than 80 calibers to choose from, Starline offers your customers the standard favorites, as well as innovative and unique calibers. 10 mm 30 lUGer 30 maUSer 32 S&w lONG 32 H&r maG 32-20 357 maG 357 SiG 38 lONG COlT 38 SHOrT COlT 38 S&w 38 SUper 38 SUper +p 38 SUper COmp 38 TJ 380 aUTO 38-40 38-55 (2.080) 38-55 lONG (2.125) 40 S&w 40 SUper 40-65 41 COlT 41 maG 44 COlT 44 maG 44 rUSSiaN 44 SpeCial 44-40 45 aUTO 45 aUTO+p 45 aUTO rim Call or 45 COlT check web 45 Gap 45 lONG COlT site forBlaNK 45 S&w SCHOField prices. 45 SUper 454 CaSUll 45-70 45-90 (2.4) 45-100 (2.6) 460 maG 460 rOwlaNd 475 wildey maG 475 liNeBaUGH 50 ae 50 alaSKaN 50-70 GOV’T 50-90 SHarpS 50-110 wiN 500 liNeBaUGH 500 S&w maG (r) 56-50 SpeNCer (TaylOr’S) 7.62X25 TOKareV 9X21 9 mm larGO 9 mm maKarOV 9 SUper COmp (9X23) 9 mm wiN maG © 2010 Starline Brass View a complete list of Starline calibers on our web site at We ship directly from our manufacturing facility, so your order usually will go out the very next day. To find out how you can become a Starline dealer, call us toll-free at 1-800-280-6660 or visit our web site – This is a partial list. Call or check web site for a complete list of products. Give your customers what they want. Give them Starline. 8/2/10 4:44 pm 61 185.27490 Shooting ind_Oct2010.indd 1 2011 • NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE

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