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Shooting Industry August 2011 Digital Edition - Page 46

Industry Industry watch Building The Other Shooting Sport Russ Thurman n our dedicated, all-out fofor the entire family to have fun cus to build the firearms and learn more about bowhunting. industry — and fight to “Our main objective for The preserve our national firearm Easton Foundations Hunting heritage and the Second AmendExpo is to reach the large market ment — we often overlook the of hunters in the surrounding ar“other shooting sport.” eas by introducing them to what Archery and bowhunting are we have to offer at ENSC,” said firmly implanted in our country’s Brandie Lovelace, operations culture and our industry. Vast director of the Easton Newberry numbers of hunters who take Archery Center. “The hunting game with a firearm also bow seasons are highly defined in hunt. They’re a natural compleFlorida, and we hope to draw ment to each other. Bowhunters in all types of hunters by invitare passionate about the same ing gun vendors, in order to have SI DIGITAL causes as firearm hunters, and something for everyone.” Hot Link the expansion of archery and Beyond the expo, The Easton bowhunting has a positive im- Visit to learn about all the programs of The Easton Foundations is helping develop Foundations. pact on the firearms industry. Olympic shooters, and offers Given that, salutes to The Easton Foun- hosting the event with the Florida Fish and grants for the development of archery fadations for its ongoing work to increase Wildlife Conservation Commission. cilities. Easton is a name well established archery participation through grassroots The event will feature hunting compa- in archery and bowhunting. The Easton programs in communities and colleges. nies, plenty of entertainment, lots of shoot- Foundations’ work, in building its indusLater this month, the first annual Easton ing on a 3-D range and raffles, which in- try, is creating opportunities important to Foundations Hunting Expo will be held clude several bows donated by Easton, Bear the firearms industry. at the Easton Newberry Sports Complex and Mathews. Hunters can even take the For more information on the work of The (ENSC) in Newberry, Fla. The complex is bowhunter’s education course. It’s a chance Easton Foundations, visit I Background Check Increases Continue F or the 13th straight month, there was an increase in the number of background checks conducted by NICS. In June, the system conducted 679,840 (NSSF-adjusted) checks, a 16-percent increase over the NSSF-adjusted number of checks in June 2010. To establish a more accurate number of checks, NSSF re- moves NICS purpose code permit checks used by some states for CCW permit application and other purposes. While not a direct correlation to sales, the monthly NICS data, as adjusted by NSSF, is the most-up-to-date indication of activity in the marketplace. used the research department at USC to further his anti-gun agenda. NSSF issued a warning in June, cautioning dealers to not take the survey. It appears the warning worked, as Wintemute sent out a second round of surveys, asking for dealers’ cooperation. While Wintemute’s letter and survey may seem to have merit, it is very likely any answers to the survey will be used to rationalize anti-gun legislations and to demean gun ownership. Bottom line: Toss the survey in the trash. Continued on page 45 ealers should continue to regard with caution a request to participate in a survey from Dr. Garen Wintemute of the University of California. Using the “Firearms Licensee Survey,” Wintemute writes in a cover letter, “We hope to understand better the unique perspective of firearms licensees on important social issues and the firearms business itself.” Based on Wintemute’s well-known position concerning firearms, dealers should consider this an anti-gun survey. He is activist who has D Dealers Beware Subscribe to SI Digital: 46 AUGUST 2011 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL It’s Free!

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