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Shooting Industry August 2011 Digital Edition - Page 41

Firefield Red Laser Riflescope The Firefield Riflescope with Red Laser features a 5mW red laser, and 100to 500-yard .223 bullet-drop compensation system. The 2.5-10 magnification scope is equipped with an illuminated, mil-dot reticle. Firefield (817) 225-0310 SI DIGITAL CENTURION 39 RI1622-N Condition: New Assembled using all new 100% U.S. manufactured parts! Hot Link ACTION: semi-auto CALIBER: 7.62x39mm WEIGHT: 8.2 lbs. LENGTH: 37.25" BARREL LENGTH: 16.5" BARREL TWIST: 1:10 CAPACITY: 30 rds. RESTRICTIONS: NJ, MA, CA, CT, HI or where prohibited by law Scan QR code below. COMES W/: two U.S. made 30 rd. mags. PRICE: dealers please call for pricing Visit for this and other model firearms, ammunition & accessories! 430 South Congress Ave. Toll Free: 1.800.527.1252 Tel: 561.265.4530 Suite 1 Dept.1108SI Delray Beach, FL 33445 Fax: 561.265.4520 TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock The TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock features an integrated cheek rest; precision-fit, recoil-absorbing rubber buttpad; contoured thumbhole and forend gripping ridge. Left- and righthanded models are available in black, brown and camo laminate. Stock is crafted in the USA. In the late 1930s Mossberg sold a .22 long rifle shotgun called the “Targo” and was shipped with the standard 7 rd. mag. A mail order house had Mossberg make about 250 of them along with a 15 rd. magazine exclusively for them. This magazine is now a rare collector’s item but Tony Scherer, Jr. has reproduced this 15 shot Mossberg magazine that fits the commercial Mossbergs, surplus Mossbergs released without magazines, and the following models: 42, 42A, 42AS, S42A, 42B, 42C, 42M, 42MA, 42MB, 42MC, 42TR, L42, 42US(a), 42US(b), 42US, 43, 43B, 43S, L43, 44, 44B, 44US(a) 45. Distributors include: Scherer Supply, Inc., Chattanooga Shooting Supply, Brownells, Gun Parts, Jerry’s Sport Center, Sports South, Inc. and Midway USA. Scherer Supply Inc. TimberSmith 1-800-554-1445 SI DIGITAL A.J. Scherer, Jr. • P.O. Box 250 • Ewing, VA 24248 • Fax: (423) 733-2073 Hot Link Scherer_NewAd.indd 1 3/15/11 2:20:58 PM AUGUST 2011 41

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