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Arms and the woman .308 chrome-lined bArrel, longer life, eAsier cleAning strAight gAs tUbe resists bending, better Alignment mil std 1913 stAnAg 4694 compliAnt rAil spAce Ar10 mAgAZine compAtible AmbidextroUs sAfetY selector And mAgAZine releAse AdJUstAble sights to fit YoUr reQUirements sopmod collApsing bUttstock, 6 position impproVed ergo grip LM308MWS their mindset. “They’re not selling anything, they’re helping clients make a decision,” Butler said. Once women find a bow they like, Test Flight staffers provide them with a card listing the manufacturer, model and their individual stats so women can buy the bow from a local dealer. “We did a survey of Test Flight participants, and less than 1 percent said they would not buy a bow after Test Flight,” Butler said. “One hundred percent said they loved the experience and felt empowered.” The challenge women have when they get home, Butler notes, is buying the bow they want. After every Test Flight, Butler says she gets calls from women who are in a store and the salesperson is trying to sell them something different from what they want. Butler has had to get on the phone and convince the salesperson to sell the woman her bow. Other Test Flight participants have just walked out of the store, she says. This scenario is exactly what you don’t want happening in your store. It’s always in your best interest to determine how an item will be used, and the experience level of the shooter, before recommending a product. If a woman walks in and wants to buy a specific item, do your best to accommodate her, instead of selling her what you think is best. All bArrels And bolts Are proof-tested And mAgnetic-pArticle-inspected to mil-spec stAndArds monolithic rAil design thAt Allows the AbilitY to chAnge bArrel length, operAting sYstems And cAlibers with the tUrn of two locking bolts 7 Qd sling swiVel AttAchment points You Get What You PaY For! That’s why you’ll never see us use statements like “Deal of the Week” or “Lowest Price Ever”. That’s why we prefer to use our ads to point out the features that make Lewis Machine & Tool weapons different from the rest and help you to retain a higher long-term value in your firearm investment. We understand that deals seem appealing, but we also understand what it costs to build the weapon you want by your side for a lifetime. So when you find yourself with your finger on the trigger, you need to decide, do you want a weapon built the way a weapon should be built or do you want a “Deal of the Week”? cAptiVe firing pin with retAining pin 2 stAge electronicAllY recorded trigger TM Eye-Catching Gear utler is also passionate about the use of treestand harnesses. “I’m a huge advocate of Hunter Safety System,” Butler said. “No one should go up in a treestand without one.” Hunter Safety System recently introduced the Lady Pro System safety harness designed to fit women. A tailored fit and sleeker cut means it fits the curves of a womas they could be. 4475_ShootingIndustryAd2011_WIP_121610 1 an’s body while retaining all of the safety “It’s an investment that’s a hard deparfeatures Hunter Safety System is famous for. ture when women are used to making do,” In addition, a portion of the sale of each vest Butler said. “Convincing them it’s worth the will be donated to breast cancer research. investment is the challenge for retailers.” The Lady Pro Series is available in Realtree Because women like to try on clothAPG and Mossy Oak Infinity patterns. ing, and sizing is not always consistent, Visit Butler suggests retailers make an inhuntersafetysystems. vestment in a size run of a sampling of Finally, Butler says it’s important for products. She recommends stores set up women to invest in hunting clothing. a dressing room with a mirror. Women tend to wear men’s sizes, and, as “Women want a feminine appearance,” a result, aren’t as comfortable in the field Butler said, and it helps if they can see what B Because FaIlure Is not an oPtIon Phone: 309-732-9527 they look like in clothes designed for them. The products dealers have invested in will serve as samples, and dealers can order the products women like after they try them on. At the end of the season, dealers can sell the sample items. 9 12/16/10 11:46 AM Hunter Safety System Lady Pro System in Mossy Oak Infinity AUGUST 2011 21

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