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Shooting Industry August 2011 Digital Edition - Page 11

olt Defense LLC has partnered with three manufacturer representatives to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals, commercial distributors and dealers. Proactive Sales and Marketing, Jim Ferry and Associates and Schueler, LaFond and Associates are now working with Colt Defense clients in both the public and private sectors. The manufacturer representatives will showcase Colt’s rifle line, as well as seek to drive Colt Defense’s newest products in the market. The new rifle products will include monolithic platforms, piston-operated systems and multi-caliber, interchangeable platforms. “The product and industry expertise of our manufacturer representatives is unparalleled. Combined with Colt’s industry leadership in product innovation, we are now more capable than ever to service the law enforcement community and the discerning commercial consumer,” said David Ridley, vice president, Colt Defense LLC. For more information, visit C Colt Defense Partners With Reps nder Armour Hunting has launched a new, multifaceted campaign for 2011 entitled “Always Lethal.” The campaign will educate and inform hunters of the benefits of Under Armour apparel, footwear and accessories through an “intense” TV commercial, now airing on the Outdoor, Sportsman and Pursuit Channels. “Always Lethal is the driving theme for Under Armour Hunting, motivating hunters to overcome the elements and constantly strive to be the best,” said Kip Fulks, Under Armour executive vice president, product. The UA brand also has launched a hunting-specific SI DIGITAL Facebook page — www.faceHot Link — along with an interactive website, Among the new products to be launched in 2011 are hunting boots featuring Gore-Tex and Primaloft technologies, and a whitetail deer collection including Under Armour proprietary Capture Scent Technology. For more information, visit U New Under Armour Hunting Campaign STAND OUT AND BLEND IN ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 1-800-578-3767 AUGUST 2011 11 Be The Resistance The camo-finished Prairie Panther AR-style rifle. Hunting will never be the same. The first camo-finished modern sporting rifle from DPMS. Available in Mossy Oak Brush® and King’s Desert® Shadow and equipped with a 20-inch 1x8 twist; stainless steel, fluted, Teflon®-coated heavy barrel; a carbon-fiber free-float tube; an A3 flattop; skeletonized stock; DPMS 2-stage trigger; and a Magpul® Enhanced Trigger Guard. ™ Resist convention. Resist the norm. Be the first to own the attractive yet stealthy camo-finished Prairie Panther AR-style rifle from DPMS. Visit to learn more.

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