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Shooting Industry August 2011 Digital Edition - Page 27

Pelican has an extensive inventory of lights to meet the needs of customers, including the MityLite 1965 LED. Visit ON SAFETY By J.K. Autry SHINING A LIGHT How To Sell Flashlights To Defense-Minded Shoppers Academy of Excellence Self-Defense Product Now is the time for dealers to capitalize on this boom in high-quality light manufacturing — particularly in the wake of the recent natural disasters. If you need a compelling reason to make a sale to a reluctant customer, it doesn’t get much easier than explaining how the light could contribute to a family’s safety, says Ron Buschmann, owner of Shooter’s Supply & Law Enforcement Equipment in Louisville, Ky. “In the past three to four years we have experienced many instances where storms and other natural disasters have left tens of thousands without power for extended periods of time,” Buschmann said. “In Louisville, we have had ice and windstorms that have left some areas dark for weeks. Just this year, the devastation from the tornadoes in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Alabama has been reported nationwide. The need for security in the aftermath of such events makes flashlights a necessary part of any preparation plan.” In addition to families concerned about natural disasters, there are numerous other customers who make perfect candidates for the flashlight sales pitch. Interacting I t’s no secret flashlights are hot sellers in the industry right now. All three 2011 nominees for the Shooting Industry of the Year feature some form of light: Crimson Trace’s LightGuard Tactical Light, SureFire’s G2X Tactical Flashlight and Viridian’s C5L Subcompact Laser/Light. of help, or make yourself visible to passing cars to avoid being hit,” Buschmann said. Brett Ross, president of Grayghost Tactical in Culpeper, Va., helps his with shoppers and asking probing questions about why they decided to visit a gun shop are key components of making flashlight sales, Buschmann says. “Flashlights should be a part of the conversation, with customers thinking of emergency planning, whether for their home, vehicle, work and even on their person,” Buschmann said. For example, when speaking with a customer who travels frequently and wants to purchase a firearm for his spouse, Buschmann says the conversation easily moves to the fact that “access to illumination devices in lieu of main lights is critical to minimize exposure” in a home invasion. Flashlights should also be pitched to the everyday customer who cares about safety in the vehicle and on the road. “No vehicle should be without the means to find tools to change tires, draw attention to others in need SureFire presents a detailed history of the company, along with product information, promotions and lots of discussion, on its new Facebook page: An Everyday Tool Making The Sales Pitch SI DIGITAL Hot Link AUGUST 2011 27

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